MiCo Milano Congressi

Identità Golose 2020

The sixteenth edition of the Identità Milano congress will have an important theme as its fil rouge: A Sense of Responsibility. “Today, as ever, it’s time to make choices. Those who are part, to every degree, of the restaurant world now can access so many sources of information that it sounds as anachronistic and guilty to think that we are not connected with everyone, in every corner of the world. We can find information effortlessly, as long as we truly want to do so, and not for a joke, while continuing to procrastinate important and inevitable choices.

We must all have in mind the most important value of all, which comes before any law, rule or regulation: A Sense of Responsibility

The problems affecting the Earth and its inhabitants are such that we can no longer hide in our microcosmos, restaurant or editorial office, winery or pastry shop, passively enduring everything that happens around us. We have a conscience, let’s use it to do immediately what we can and must, even before any law or regulation will impose it as an obligation”.

Paolo Marchi
Creator and curator of Identità Golose