07th-09th march - MiCo Milano Congressi

Identità Golose 2019

The main theme of the fifteenth edition of Identità Golose Milano’s convention will be The Human Factor – Building New Memories. «When we say that a tradition is a successful innovation we are acknowledging a creative process made of a series of small steps, sometimes even big ones. It’s take after take, test after test, taking things down and building them all over again, up until the right balance is achieved. A great chef knows that whenever we need something new he has to give us a new memory. What’s new today often becomes a tradition, and evolves from frightening into comforting. Building New Memories is what chefs do, whether with pastry, pizza, ice cream or other crafts. They think and write about new dishes, hoping that one day they will become New Collective Memories».

Paolo Marchi
Founder and curator at Identità Golose