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Identità Golose Web: magazine italiano di cucina internazionale

“Freedom of thought is essential, like the freedom to move, travel, a gift that is now severely questioned by the events of this decade, by the widespread intolerance, by wars and terrorism, by the ever lower desire to understand others, exasperated and horrified by the crazy violence that almost every time affects the population.
Choosing TheJourney as the 2017 Identità theme serves to reaffirm that all that we eat, as soon as we leave the slavery of poverty that forces us to put into the stomach what’s available, is the result of journeys.
Everything travels, this has always been the case: men travel, products travel, ideas travel.”

Paolo Marchi
Identità Golose founder and curator

Qui tutti i relatori del congresso 2017

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For the first time, Identità Golose Milano will start on a Saturday and not on a Sunday. The 13th edition will start on the 4th March. The morning in the Auditorium Hall will be dedicated to the Guest Region, Lombardy, and the afternoon to Dossier Dessert, the special event presenting the most interesting restaurant pastry chefs of the moment in an international perspective. 

In Sala Blu 1 there will be the second edition of Identità di Formaggio (dedicated to cheese, in the morning) and the third of Identità di Gelato (in the afternoon), while in Sala Blu 2 we’ll see what’s new at Identità Naturali. Second edition for Identità di Champagne in Sala Gialla 3 with three special events dedicated to the pairing of Champagne with the creations of great chefs. 

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The 13th edition of Identità Golose Milano will celebrate The strength of freedom: the journey, a theme that retraces the journey started last year with "The strength of freedom". In the Auditorium Hall, great Italian and foreign chefs will speak of their freedom of expression in the kitchen, the result of their travels and their experiences. Among the many speakers, there will be Enrico Crippa, Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo, Paul Pairet, Umberto Bombana, Heinz Beck, Riccardo Camanini, Christian Puglisi with Jonathan Tam

In Sala Blu 1 it will be the turn of Identità di Pasta with Italian and foreign chefs, while in Sala Blu 2 there will be the first edition of La Nuova Cucina Italiana, with the spotlight on 12 stories of chefs who are destined to leave a mark in the Italian cuisine of the near future. Identità di Champagne will continue in Sala Gialla 3 with a focus on fine dining and Champagne pairings.

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The strength of freedom: the journey with famous speakers from Italian and international fine dining, including Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Niko Romito, Palmiro Ocampo, Rodolfo Guzman, Norbert Niederkofler and Angel León.

In Sala Blu 1 it will be time for Identità di Montagna (in the morning) and Identità di Mare (in the afternoon), with big experts of, respectively, mountain and marine biodiversity. Sala Blu 2 will focus the attention on the world of leavened products with a new edition of Identità di Pizza. In Sala Gialla 3 we’ll have the special activities within Identità di Champagne.

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