The 14th edition of the Identità Golose congress in Milan will have the Human Factor as its leitmotiv. “We want to focus on human relations, on chefs as humans and on all those who surround their work, from kitchen to dining room, to the relationship with clients and before that with artisans and suppliers. It’s time to move the attention to the dining occasion, to what happens around the table, the meeting point of different worlds, without neglecting the emotions offered by food itself. If there’s something we can be sure of, it’s that even in ten years’ time we will not be able to buy conviviality online, never. Restaurants will remain one of the most important development centres for human relations.”

Paolo Marchi
Creator and curator of Identità Golose

Here all the protagonists of the congress

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The programme will begin on Saturday 3rd of March in the Auditorium Hall with a morning dedicated to Calabria, the guest region, and an afternoon dedicated to Dossier Dessert, the special focus that presents the most interesting pastry-chefs from shops and restaurants with an international scope. 

In Sala Blu 1 there will be the third edition of cheese session Identità di Formaggio (in the morning) and the fourth of Identità di Gelato (in the afternoon), while in Sala Blu 2 the novelties presented at Identità Naturali will be under the spotlight. Third edition of Identità di Champagne in Sala Gialla 3, with three special moments dedicated to pairings with champagne and recipes from three great Italian female chefs.

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On Sunday, the stage of the Auditorium Hall will celebrate Il Fattore Umano, the Human Factor, with great Italian and international chefs giving their thoughts on the subject. Among the many speakers, Massimiliano Alajmo, Enrico Bartolini, Ana Roš, Antonia Klugmann, Oriol Castro with Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch, Moreno Cedroni and Paolo Brunelli.

In Sala Blu 1 there will be the now traditional Identità di Pasta with both Italian and foreign chefs as speakers, while in Sala Blu 2 we’ll give life to a new edition of Identità di Sala which will focus on the importance of service and on its relationship with the kitchen, through multiple experiences, from the big families of Italian fine dining, to large restaurant businesses, from hotellerie to training schools. Identità di Champagne will continue in Sala Gialla 3 with a female focus on champagne paired with fine dining.

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On Monday, the programme in the Auditorium Hall will continue with Il Fattore Umano, the Human Factor, with thoughts from giants such as Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Niko Romito, Yannick Alléno, Virgilio Martinez, Clare Smyth, Enrico Crippa, Riccardo Camanini, Norbert Niederkofler. Additionally, a new special moment with Cantine Ferrari and The World's 50 Best Restaurants and the celebration of the Art of Hospitalitywith the speeches of Massimo BotturaWill GuidaraJosep Roca introduced and moderated by Paolo Marchi and Matteo Lunelli.

In Sala Blu 1Pasticceria Italiana Contemporanea will debut, with a whole day dedicated to knowledge and recipes from pastry-shops and pastry-making in restaurants. In Sala Blu 2 the focus will be on leavened products, with Identità di Pane e Pizza. Finally, in Sala Gialla 3 there will be Identità di Champagne with the pairings from the last three featured female-chefs.

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