03rd-05th July - MiCo Milano Congressi

Congress presentation

Sense of responsibility:
the theme of Identità 2020 is revealed

Today, as ever, it’s time to make choices.

Those who are part, to every degree, of the restaurant world now can access so many sources of information that it sounds as anachronistic and guilty to think that we are not connected with everyone, in every corner of the world. We can find information effortlessly, as long as we truly want to do so, and not for a joke, while continuing to procrastinate important and inevitable choices.

We must all have in mind the most important value of all, which comes before any law, rule or regulation: a Sense of Responsibility.

About the congress

Identità Golose Milano 2020


Identità Milano, the Identità Golose Congress in Milan, the father of all the later events in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Shanghai, first took place at Palazzo Mezzanotte in January 2005. It’s the first fine dining congress in Italy and the idea of its creator and curator Paolo Marchi was seemingly simple: «After returning from Lo Mejor de La Gastronomia I wondered: why is it that our chefs must go on a pilgrimage to San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, to exchange – and often copy – the ideas of other chefs from around the world? Let’s create our own culinary congress».