Antonia Klugmann: Ravioli with bitter herbs and white turnip

Identità Milano 2024

“Revolution - once again and strongly so - though starting from completely different premises in comparison with the 2023 theme”, in these words Paolo Marchi presented the main topic of Identità Milano 2024, edition n. 19 of the most important international chef congress in Italy and one of the most prestigious in the world, born in 2005 in order to give voice, visibility and support the evolution of Italian chefs.

The congress has then gradually extended to “neighboring districts” such as the world of pizza, pastry, wine, mixology, high-quality products, hospitality and hotel industry. At MiCo Milano, from 9th - 11th March 2024, many of the major protagonists of this sector in Italy as well as a wide selection of prestigious international guests will animate the scene. This year iconic dish is Ravioli with bitter herbs and white turnip by Antonia Klugmann - we reported it here. Whereas, the theme - we reported it here - is There is no innovation without disobedience: Revolution today.

Recalling Paolo Marchi’s words - “If any tradition comes from innovation, where does innovation come from instead?”. We will answer all together at Identità Milano: “We will take for granted that the pandemic and the war have distressed the world. We want to focus on a very close aspect, on the imperative of being full protagonists of our actions. We should no longer be subject to facts. We must fight them instead - no matter the setting and the reality we live in, and in every aspect of the catering industry. Dining room and kitchen, personal or professional relations, new forms of organization and communication, wine list and online shopping. We must change the rules and find new ones. We must imagine new scenarios, and take a step sidewise to see if something positive emerges. We must take a step into a new movie - as new as possible”. From “tradition is a successful innovation” to “innovation is a successful disobedience”: emphasizing further aspects, choosing further directions without asking where a habit comes from. Asking instead where does the innovation come from. “Those who disobey choose to walk on a tightrope, in balance between success and failure, challenging the dominating rules in order to get rid of them. What is true today, sooner or later will no longer be so. It’s the same with records: they are meant to be broken. Now as ever”.

Here is a summary of the three-days schedule.



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Identità Milano Saturday Program

In the Auditorium the congress starts fiercely with the theme of Identità Milano 2024. An introduction will be delivered by Davide Rampello. To follow the first of many Italian and international guests such as Alberto Felice De Toni, Enrico Bertolino, Manuel Agnelli and Chiara Pavan, the chefs of endless stars Enrico Bartolini, Heinz Beck and Norbert Niederkofler from Italy, Disfrutar’s Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas from Spain, Malena Martinez from Peru, Tomas Kalika from Mishiguene in Buenos Aires, Mehmet Gürs, Cemre Torun and Maksut Askar from Turkey. Part of the program is dedicated to young talents (Richard Abou Zaki and Pierpaolo Ferracuti) and disobedient drinking too with Identità Talk featuring “The wine rebels”. In the other rooms there will be the lessons of Identità di Formaggio (room Blu 1 in partnership with Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano); in room Blu 2, Identità di Pizza (in partnership with Latteria Sorrentina), seven speakers not to be missed. Furthermore, in the morning the Spazio Arena will be hosting the return of Identità Libri. And Speciale Ospitalità, that is our point of view on the hospitality world, again in Spazio Arena, in the afternoon.

Identità Milano Sunday Program

The second day kicks off in the Auditorium with a great classic, Carlo Cracco and Luca Sacchi’s lesson. Then it is time for the first international guest of the day, the French Bruno Verjus: his restaurant Table in Paris is now ranked n. 10 in the World’s 50Best, though the chef has a singular story. For years he has been gastronomic critic and journalist and has also collaborated with Identità. The other foreign guests of the day will be Rasmus Munk from Alchemist in Copenhagen and René Frank from Berlin, best Pastry Chef 2022 according to the 50Best. The program is then completed by great Italian names such as Massimiliano Alajmo, Davide Oldani. Besides other outstanding personalities such as Luca Travaglini and Luigi Scordamaglia. In Auditorium the day ends with Alessandro Borghese. In the other rooms at MiCo: room Blu 1 will host the return of Identità di Pasta, in partnership with Pastificio Felicetti, this year too there will be 7 unmissable lessons; in room Blu , the morning session will be dedicated to Colazione all’italiana, in partnership with 1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza, and the afternoon to Identità Dolce, in partnership with Molino Casillo. In Spazio Arena finally returns Golosi di identità, a format inaugurated last year in collaboration with Fondazione Cotarella

Identità Milano Monday Program

The third and last day of the Congress, hence a lot of moments not to be missed. Starting in the Auditorium we will be linked to Massimo Bottura live from the States. Straight after it will be the turn of Riccardo Camanini, with the latest news from his Lido 84. Then a special Identità Talk: there will be le roi Alain Ducasse who will interact with Xavier Alberti and Carole Pourchet in representation of Teritoria. After a pre-break with a bang with Antonia Klugmann, in the afternoon, Niko Romito will be in the limelight. Then comes the turn of three young people - Chiara Pavan, Francesco Brutto and Davide Guidara - who will be talking about vegetable cooking At 15.40, an important pastry chef, Corrado Assenza will be on stage and then it will be the turn of Franco Pepe. The day will end with the presentation of the edition 2024 of Bollicine del mondo. In the other rooms: Identità di Pesce will make its debut in room Blu 1, six lessons that will end with the bang starring Moreno Cedroni; in room Blu 2 Identità Vegetali, in partnership with Velier, with seven extraordinary speakers - Davide Caranchini let the dance begin in the morning and Riccardo Monco and Alessandro Della Tommasina, from Enoteca Pinchiorri, will end in the late afternoon. In conclusion, in Spazio Arena, there will be Identità Cocktail, in collaboration with Bibite San Pellegrino e Perrier: six top-level masterclasses, among which the seminar by Shingo Gokan from The SG Club from Tokyo, n. 14 in the Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

The protagonists of Identità Milano 2024