Identità Milano 2022

The main theme of the seventeenth edition of the Identità Milano Congress, scheduled from 21st to 23rd April 2022 at MiCo in Milan, is The future is now. As Paolo Marchi, founder and editor of Identità Golose, wrote: “We must stop thinking that sooner or later we will go back and live the world the way it was, and that counts for each field, including the restaurant industry. We have to think about new perspectives and solutions that can be innovative, we have to give young people the possibility to challenge themselves , we have to remind those who are deaf and blind that there is no future for those who prefer to erect walls and refuse any type of contact with the outside and forget that the world, as we know, it’s the product of migrations, contaminations, and also the unaware acceptance of aspects belonging to populations different from ours. It has always been so and soon it will be like that again. What has changed is the time that we have, time that urges us to hurry. It obliges us to act in the present only.”

The protagonists of Identità Milano 2022