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Paolo Marchi

creator and curator

Paolo Marchi, born in Milan on March 20th 1955

Paolo Marchi was born in Milan on March 20th 1955. Son of Rolly, creator of the skiing trophy Trofeo Topolino, and of painter Graziella, he has worked for Il Giornale from December 1979 to February 2011, dividing himself between sport – skiing, football and sailing especially - and food and wine critiques.

In January 2004 the idea that changed his life came up: creating Identità Golose, the first Italian congress dedicated to signature cuisine and pastry making. A mission accomplished among the skepticism of many. In June 2009 the debut in London followed, then in 2010 came the congresses in New York and San Marino; on top of this, there's the guide to signature restaurants, Identità Golose Guida ai Ristoranti d’autore di Italia, Europa e Mondo, which in 2011 reached its fourth edition.

Over time, he has edited the recipe book by the Istituto Oftalmico del Fatebenefratelli in Milan, the volumes Dessert al piatto, Don Alfonso, Sushi Susci and Pesce alle stelle for Bibliotheca Culinaria, Cento per cento ricette di talento and Multipli di 20 for Cucina&Vini and the guides Milano da gustare and Tutto pesce for Gribaudo-Il Gusto. His latest works include Sapore d'Abruzzo published by Textus and Guida alle Gelaterie di Milano for Terre di Mezzo. Since the 2010 edition, Marchi is the jury president of the Bancarella Cucina literary prize.

Since its establishment, he has overseen the work of the Italian section of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe association and in June 2006 he won the Veronelli prize for an emerging wine and food writer with a motivation that includes a beautiful compliment to a writer (”He is awarded for the spirit with which he has written his guides, Tutto Pesce to begin with…”) and for a consideration that finely synthesizes his commitment, suspended between history, reality and dream: “…and for the measure with which, while profoundly respecting the values of tradition, he is perhaps the most attentive critic of every innovation in the kitchen”.

Married to Luisa Acciarri, from the Marche region, he is father to Brando and Viola and, ideally, to his dog Stella. Tone deaf since he was born, he hates trombones, untidiness and vulgarity, he never graduated (in modern literature) from university and at the same time he loves writing, nesting with his family, cooking onion risotto for his friends – at least ten sitting at the same table.



communication, production and commercial activities

Claudio Ceroni, founder of MAGENTAbureau

MAGENTAbureau is a company organizing, in total collaboration with Paolo Marchi, the Identità Golose Congress and all the connected activities. MAGENTAbureau was founded by Claudio Ceroni in June 2006 with the aim to consolidate and develop the commercial activities linked to the organization of events and editorial initiatives connected to Identità Golose and the signature cuisine phenomenon in Italy and abroad. Among other things and together with Paolo Marchi, Claudio has created, in the past years, not only the Congress in Milan, but also the Guida ai Ristoranti d'autore Identità Golose, and, since last year, Identità London, a two-day congress event in the UK capital, and in October 2010 the first edition of Identità New York. In this activity, Claudio Ceroni concentrates and puts to good use the experience accumulated in his almost twenty year long activity of creation and implementation of great events and tv productions.

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