Identità Golose Milano 2018

The fourteenth edition - March 3rd-5th

The Identità Golose Congress in Milan, which gave birth to the later congresses in London, San Marino, Shanghai and New York, celebrated its first edition in Palazzo Mezzanotte in January 2005. It's the first Italian congress dedicated to signature cuisine and the idea of its creator and curator, Paolo Marchi, is apparently simple: «Coming back from the event Lo Mejor de La Gastronomia I asked myself: why do our chefs need to go on a pilgrimage to San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, to share – and often copy – ideas with other international chefs? Why don't we create our own congress?».

Identità Golose Milano, organised like all the Identità Golose congresses by MAGENTAbureau, welcomes on stage 18 great cuisine and pastry professionals, many of them Italian: from Carlo Cracco to Fulvio Pierangelini, from Nadia Santini to Gianfranco Vissani. These chefs know how to give a personal touch to their work, both in the field of tradition and down the road of creativity. «Gourmet Italy can boast an extraordinary capacity to produce goods which, thanks to their originality and style, rarely find any equals in the world. This is something to be proud of», Marchi explains, «which however doesn't authorize us to believe we're the absolute best». So this is why the presence of a good number of foreign chefs is justified: during the first edition, beside the Italian chefs, there were lessons given by Ferran Adrià, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Quique Dacosta from Spain, Wylie Dufresne from the US and Jean-Luc Fau from France. All around them, from the onset, were those artisans of food without whose work with primary goods, no dish could be created by a chef.

Since 2005, the congress in Milan has grown every year in importance and dimension: the producers of delicacies showing their work have increased, the same goes for the number of lessons and the length of the congress, changing location from Palazzo Mezzanotte to the more spacious MiCo Milano Congressi in via Gattamelata. During 12 editions, over 500 chefs and pastry chefs from over 20 different countries have taken turn on stage, and side events such as Ristoranti Fuori Congresso and Un Risotto per Milano have flourished. All these elements make the Milan congress of Identità Golose, always scheduled between January and February, an unmissable moment for all the actors in signature gastronomy, in Italy and worldwide.


Identità Golose Milano 2011
Elio Sironi durante la lezione sul palco della Sala Blu
Massimo Bottura e Paolo Marchi
Identità Golose Milano 2011
Massimiliano Alajmo sul palco della Sala Auditorium
Gennaro Esposito sul palco della Sala Auditorium
Preparazioni sul palco
Degustazioni delle aziende vinicole in Sala Rosa
Il pubblico tra gli stand delle aziende espositrici
Carlo Cracco e Matteo Baronetto sul palco della Sala Blu
Yoshihiro Narisawa e Ezio Santin sul palco della Sala Auditorium
Il pubblico in Sala Auditorium
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