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Rise Live Bistrot

Rise Live Bistrot was born in  2015 from the dream of to pizzaioli who worked in a take away place and a delivery boy. Like in the best fairy tales their dream came true, but not before overcoming storms and difficulties, but with the happy end we all love. Simplicity, great attention to small producers, to raw materials and their seasonality are the pillars of the philosophy you’ll find and experience in this welcoming bistro in Brianza. You can taste pizzas cut in slices, only in the evening and on Saturdays at lunchtime too, or the traditional pizza served on the plate with a choice of basic or spelt dough. Both only from organic and stone-milled flour.


Marco Locatelli e Giulia Battafarano


Elisabetta Battafarano


Mattia Besana


Mattia Besana



via Manin, 2
20871 - Vimercate (Monza Brianza)
sito web

l'intero lunedì e domenica a pranzo, ad agosto aperti solo la sera
variabili ad agosto e tra dicembre e gennaio
Credit cards
no American Express
Average price (wine excluded)
25 euro
Tasting menu
pizze da 12 a 17 euro