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Ciccio Sultano and Riccardo Canella, what a couple in Ragusa! A story of destinies and freedom

At the two-starred Duomo, the chef-patron turns the tables and summons the chef from Veneto. Canella: “I am going to discover a Sicily that is an El Dorado for its wealth of products and history”. Sultano: “Riccardo has a lot of energy. But I will always

by Davide Visiello

Ciccio Sultano and Riccar

Ciccio Sultano and Riccardo Canella, a new couple in the kitchen of Duomo in Ragusa

Republic Day plate by plate

On the eve of the 2nd of June, President Mattarella opened the Quirinale to 1,500 guests for a dinner prepared over a period of eight months by chefs Fabrizio Boca and Federico Iorio. Involving 5 catering schools and associations of social catering

by Paolo Marchi

The President of the Italian Republ

The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella in an archive photo while at the Quirinale he greets and thanks the students of the catering schools called to collaborate in the success of the dinner in honour of Republic Day

Dicky Tjhin and Pizzeria Cavalese in Jakarta: The Success of Italian Pizza in Indonesia Starts Here

Six months in the kitchen with Alessandro Gilmozzi, ten years ago. Then the decision to open his first restaurant in his hometown. Today, they count four, all focusing on perfect baking with Moretti Forni

by Identità Golose

Dicky Tjhin in front of the si

Dicky Tjhin in front of the sign for his Pizzeria Cavalese, whose first location was opened in Jakarta nine years ago. The name is a clear homage to the place where the Indonesian chef learned the art of pizza making

Rat brains, grilled rat and other delicacies: another way of catering at Gaggan’s

At the Indian chef's restaurant in Bangkok, you eat (splendidly), drink (ditto), sing, dance. He is the engaging star in three hours of fun, including music and delicious tastings. With plenty of provocation too...

by Carlo Passera

Rat has brains: certainly the most

Rat has brains: certainly the most striking dish (but there are also 'grilled rats' among the 22 tastings offered by Gaggan Anand at his restaurant Gaggan, in Bangkok

Aristocratic recipes, a kitchen open 22 hours a day: we dined at Viviana Varese's Passalacqua

The chef who recently arrived at the world's number 1 hotel on Lake Como, takes us on a tour of a mighty machine where everything must be perfect. The idea is to recover the dishes of the grandeur, which nobody prepares any more. Here’s what we tasted

by Carlo Passera

Viviana Varese and her new challeng

Viviana Varese and her new challenge: since the 18th of March she’s chef at restaurant Passalacqua in the ultra-luxury hotel bearing the same name in Moltrasio, on Lake Como, voted best in the world by the 50 Best Hotels

Guida alla Guida

All the 180 new entries in the 2024 Identità Golose Restaurant Guide to Italy, Europe and the World

Links to this year's new entries, from Valle d’Aosta to Thailand. In total, 124 new Italian restaurants and 56 abroad

by Identità Golose

The 2023 edition of the Identit&agr

The 2023 edition of the Identità Golose Guide is available as of this week. Out of a total of 1,070 entries, 180 are absolute novelties

Guida alla Guida

Identità Golose Restaurant Guide, the 2024 edition is online

Eighteen young star awards, 1,070 establishments from 43 countries (in addition to 655 pizzerias & cocktail bars), 180 new entries. Numbers and protagonists of the 17th guide

by Gabriele Zanatta

All the young stars awarded this mo

All the young stars awarded this morning in the Iulm University Auditorium in Milan, during the presentation of the 2024 Identità Golose Restaurant Guide, now online

Giancarlo Perbellini

Giancarlo Perbellini

Casa Perbellini - Verona
Tiziano Rossetti

Tiziano Rossetti

L'Angolo Divino - Urbino (Pesaro Urbino)
Ernesto e Alfonso Iaccarino

Ernesto e Alfonso Iaccarino

Don Alfonso 1890 - Massa Lubrense (Napoli)
Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi
Vincenzo del Vecchio

Vincenzo del Vecchio

La Griglia di Varrone - Milano