Hélène Darroze's cuisine at The Connaught Hotel, London: an ode to concreteness

The technical and creative essence of the French-born chef is combined with Italian talent and pride, Marco Zampese, at the helm of the kitchen of the London-based three-starred establishment

Chef Marco Zampese, originally from

Chef Marco Zampese, originally from Veneto, is executive chef of the three-Michelin-starred Hélène Darroze at the Connaught restaurant in London. While remaining focused on the philosophy of the French chef, Marco brings his talent and personal touch to the restaurant's menu. Photos by Gaia Menchicchi

by Chiara Buzzi

Read | 06-12-2022 | 14:00 | Dal Mondo

A Great Italy at the Basque Culinary Centre: the centre of gastronomic excellence crowns our champions

Identità Golose in San Sebastian, a success. Cheers for the lectures by Antonia Klugmann, Andrea Tortora, Franco Pepe, Abou Zaki&Ferracuti, Gianluca Gorini, Fabio Pisani and Paulo Airaudo. Tastings by Ceretto and Appennino Food Group

Group photo for the speakers of 

Group photo for the speakers of 'Italy at the Basque Culinary Centre'. Left to right Gianluca Gorini, Luigi Dattilo, Paolo Marchi, Antonia Klugmann, Joxe Mari Aizega, Paulo Airaudo, Andrea Tortora, Richard Abou Zaki, Fabio Pisani, Pierpaolo Ferracuti, Franco Pepe. Only Federico Ceretto is missing

by Carlo Passera

Read | 05-12-2022 | 07:00 | Dal Mondo

Giuseppe Dell’Anno: the Italian baker italiano who is winning over the British audience

In 2021 he was the first Italian to win The Great British Bake Off. He has recently published his first recipe book, Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes

Giuseppe Dell'Anno with hi

Giuseppe Dell'Anno with his first book where he collected 60 recipes among which classic cakes, desserts and savoury leavened products

by Federica Carr

Read | 02-12-2022 | 11:00 | Dal Mondo

Unusual, authentic, charming hospitality: welcome to La Bursch in the Upper Cervo Valley

From ancient family estate to what is much more than a country house: in Campiglia Cervo, Barbara Varese's hospitality marries the cuisine of chef Erika Gotta

Left to right, Erika Gotta, chef at

Left to right, Erika Gotta, chef at La Bursch, the family home and unusual country house of entrepreneur Barbara Varese in the hamlet of Oretto in Campiglia Cervo, Biella

by Marialuisa Iannuzzi

Read | 03-12-2022 | 13:00 | Dall'Italia

Diego Vitagliano arrives in Doha and opens his pizzeria in Qatar

A new opening personally desired by the Qatari Emir. In his new location, the Neapolitan pizza chef will rely on the technology of Moretti Forni

SerieTMoretti -world cup - diego vitagliano

Diego Vitagliano opened a pizzeria with SerieT Moretti Forni in Doha on the occasion of the World Cup

by Identità Golose

Read | 01-12-2022 | 11:00 | Moretti Forni

Scabin's return to creative heights

The chef, formerly at Combal.zero in Rivoli, has closed at Mercato Centrale in Turin to devote himself to the gourmet offer of Grand Hotel Sitea. For now, a single tasting menu in the name of conviviality. First course: Braised tongue with Barolo

Davide Scabin in front of the entra

Davide Scabin in front of the entrance to the Grand Hotel Sitea in Turin, where he’s now chef

by Paolo Marchi

Read | 29-11-2022 | 11:00 | Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi

Azurmendi, Joselito and the pig that will be

Joselitolab, the project that combines fine dining and Iberian jamón, animated Eneko Atxa's Basque restaurant. With a focus on sustainability. The story and the dishes on the menu

José Gomez, Eneko Atxa and J

José Gomez, Eneko Atxa and José Gomez junior, co-authors of the eighth edition of Joselito Lab, on Thursday 17 November at restaurant Azurmendi in Larrabetzu, in the Basque Country, 3 Michelin stars

by Gabriele Zanatta

Read | 27-11-2022 | 11:00 | Dal Mondo

Alex Atala: 'Influencers don't understand a thing, information should prevail once again'

The Brazilian chef, eagerly awaited at Identità 2023: 'Journalism has lost its prominence. And so valuable farmers and chefs remain in the shadows'. And he announces: 'I am retiring from cooking'.

Alex Atala, 54, on stage at MesaSP

Alex Atala, 54, on stage at MesaSP in Brazil. The chef and owner of restaurant DOM in São Paulo will return on the 28th of January for a lesson in Milan 10 years after the last time, and the evening before he will cook with Mauricio Zillo at Identità Golose Milano

by Gabriele Zanatta

Read | 25-11-2022 | 11:00 | Zanattamente buono

Identità Milano 2023, the revolution is served. Here is a preview of the names of many of the prestigious speakers

The rich programme of the 18th edition of the most important congress is taking shape. There will be many guests from abroad, from Andoni Aduriz to the producers of Chef's Table, from Alex Atala to Leonor Espinosa. And then Angel León, Albert Adrià, Harol

The 18th edition of Identità

The 18th edition of Identità Milano 2023 is just around the corner. HERE IS THE COMPLETE PROGRAMME IN PROGRESS

by Identità Golose

Read | 23-11-2022 | 11:00 | IG2023: ladies and gentlemen, the revolution has been served

Italian-style super cocktails: the people from Paradiso, Sips, The Connaught and 1930 talk. And they tell us that...

They are at the top of the 50Best Bars and continue to grow: a journey between Barcelona, London and Milan in search of our best mixology. The words of Giacomo Giannotti, Simone Caporale, Agostino Perrone, Maura Milia and Benjamin Cavagna

by Claudia Orlandi

Read | 21-11-2022 | 11:00 | Shake & shock

Identità di Gelato 2022 | Senigallia

Tutte le masterclass e i protagonisti della terza edizione.

Prima parte

  • Moreno Cedroni e Luca Abbadir
  • Mario Uliassi e Mattia Casabianca
  • Jessica Galletti

Seconda parte

  • Claudio Liu e Luca De Santi
  • Alain Chartier
  • Oscar Quagliarini
  • Paolo Brunelli

Bollicine del mondo.

Dal teatro Manzoni di Milano, la presentazione della nuova App gratutia dedicata al mondo delle bollicine.
500 cantine, 21 itinerari enogastronomici, 25 Paesi, 6 continenti, 14 appassionati di vino: questi i numeri di Bollicine del mondo, l’innovativa app firmata Identità Web, nata da un’idea di Cinzia Benzi, autorevole Donna del vino e Paolo Marchi, Ideatore e curatore di Identità Golose.

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Dalla Triennale di Milano, la presentazione della quindicesima edizione della Guida ai ristoranti d'autore in Italia e nel mondo con i premi alle giovani stelle.

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    Carlo Petrini: 'This global food system is criminal and does not hold up. It’s time for a revolution'

    The harangue of the founder of Slow Food in São Paulo, Brazil: 'There are still people dying of hunger, it’s a disgrace. And a billion hectares of land and 250 trillion litres of water are used to produce food that we throw away. But change is possible'

    Carlo Petrini, 73, in Sao Paulo on the stage at Mesa SP, the most important cooking congress in Brazil

    Carlo Petrini, 73, in Sao Paulo on the stage at Mesa SP, the most important cooking congress in Brazil

    Read | 18-11-2022 | 17:00 | Gabriele Zanatta | Dal Mondo

    Matteo Baronetto, sworn enemy of homologation

    Eight and a half years after the first service at Del Cambio, the chef from Torino now displays a profound expressive maturity. And a style that steers clear of the obvious

    Matteo Baronetto and the Risorgimento Room at Del Cambio in Piazza Carignano in Turin. The current course set sail in April 2014

    Matteo Baronetto and the Risorgimento Room at Del Cambio in Piazza Carignano in Turin. The current course set sail in April 2014

    Read | 12-11-2022 | 11:00 | Gabriele Zanatta | Zanattamente buono

    In memory of Heinz Winkler, three record-breaking stars

    Born in Bressanone in 1949, he passed away at the age of 73, the first Italian chef to be awarded with three Michelin stars. He was only 32 and at the helm of Tantris in Munich. Not only that: he was for a long time the youngest chef in the world to hold

    Read | 10-11-2022 | 17:00 | Paolo Marchi | Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi

    The 'new all-time pizzeria': Mani in Pasta triples in Via Procida 1, in Milan

    From a take-away pizzeria to a warm and cosy place, the third for the Milanese high quality pizza group conceived by owner and group member Andrea Villani, with whom we retrace a tasty story full of dough and imagination...

    The pizza at Mani in Pasta, pizzeria in Milan: three locations in total, the latest in Via Giovanni da Procida 1

    The pizza at Mani in Pasta, pizzeria in Milan: three locations in total, the latest in Via Giovanni da Procida 1

    Read | 05-11-2022 | 11:00 | Marialuisa Iannuzzi | Mondo pizza

    Ludovico Coccioli, cooking and working his way to the North Pole

    Born in the Marche in 1996, after cutting his teeth in his region, he left Nostrano in Pesaro to go to Koks, 2 stars between the Faroe Islands, in Greenland in the summer, and now Copenhagen: «I wanted to measure myself against an extreme world where noth

    Read | 03-11-2022 | 17:00 | Paolo Marchi | Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi
    Congresso 2023: Iscriviti