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Identità Web, magazine internazionale di cucina

The menu of the menus of Spain: the best 10 dishes from 8 establishments between Barcelona and Madrid

We went to Corral de la Moreria, Disfrutar, Deessa, Dstage, Enigma, Hermanos Torres, RavioXo and Sips. The result is a dream tasting

by Gabriele Zanatta

The famous Pan chino relleno from r

The famous Pan chino relleno from restaurant Disfrutar in Barcelona, 3 fresh Michelin stars and ranked 2nd in the World's 50Best 2023 (photo

IG2024: the disobedience

Riccardo Camanini: 'My disobedience is in constant evolution'. A discussion on the theme of Identità Milano2024

The chef of Lido 84 talks about his relationship with rules and the constant need to evolve: 'Innovation for me is the inner need to feed the passion for cooking'

by Niccolò Vecchia

Riccardo Camanini's lecture at

Riccardo Camanini's lecture at Identità Milano 2024 will be on Monday 11th of March, at 10.55 a.m., in the MiCo Auditorium

IG2024: the disobedience

An entire menu of sugar-free desserts: René Frank's disobedience, starring in Milan

The chef of restaurant Coda in Berlin applies fine pastry making techniques to an entire tasting menu. With a focus on natural and vegetal sweetness

by Identità Golose

René Frank, 38, since 2016 c

René Frank, 38, since 2016 co-owner of Coda, 'dessert fine dining restaurant' in the Neukölln district of Berlin, 2 Michelin stars, with head chef Julia Leitner. Frank will give a talk at the Identità Milano congress, on Sunday 10th of March, 3.05 pm in the Auditorium (to register, click here). Photo Claudia Goedke

Christening at Identità Golose: the Guide to Signature Pizzerias and Cocktail Bars is born

A free online tool unprecedented but true to the spirit of Identità: selecting only the best venues, giving space to pizza chefs and mixologists capable of innovation. The presentation on Monday 26th February in Milan

by Carlo Passera

Aleia, a journey into beauty

Italian-Argentinian chef Paulo Airaudo, based in San Sebastian, runs the restaurant at Casa Fuster in Barcelona, an elegant historic building that has reached our days intact. The menu is curated by Rafa de Bedoya. And that red rose...

by Paolo Marchi

IG2024: the disobedience

'My professional life has been all about disobedience': interview with Niko Romito on the theme of Identità Milano 2024

The chef from Reale tells us about his ideas on the encounter between disobedience and innovation: 'I live on creativity and research'. And among fellow innovators he mentions Alajmo, Redzepi and Humm

by Niccolò Vecchia

Niko Romito's lecture at Identi

Niko Romito's lecture at Identità Milano 2024 will be on Monday 11th of March, at 2.30 p.m., at the MiCo Auditorium




IG2024: the disobedience

Mehmet Gürs, Cemre Torun and Maksut Askar: in Milan the singers of the cradle of food

Turkey's two leading chefs and an authoritative writer will tell Identità Milano about the edible wonders of Mesopotamia, a region hit by a terrible earthquake one year ago

by Gabriele Zanatta

Mehmet Gürs, chef at  Mik

Mehmet Gürs, chef at  Mikla’s in Istanbul, one Michelin star in Turkey, and journalist and writer Cemre Torun. With Maksut Askar, they will give a lecture in Milan on Saturday 9th of March at 4.45 pm (register for the conference)

IG2024: the disobedience

Malena Martinez, gracefully disobedient

Interview with the Peruvian scientist who quietly coordinates the research and development of the ingredients for Central, the world's number one restaurant in 2023. She’ll hold a lecture in Milan, on Saturday 9th of March

by Gabriele Zanatta

Malena Martinez is a scientist and

Malena Martinez is a scientist and co-director of Mater Iniciativa, an interdisciplinary, gastronomic and cultural organisation dedicated to investigating, preserving and sharing Peru's enormous biodiversity. She will talk about this at Identità Milano, on Saturday 9th of March at 2.20 pm, in the Auditorium (full programme and registration)