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Caffè Sicilia

Caffè Sicilia is a place of worship of Italian patisserie, and its guru is Corrado Assenza, who welcomes his guests with the sly smile and the cool attitude of someone who’s seen a lot. His tasting journey proves to be hard to forget. Not only you will taste some local pastries and desserts such as an almond granita, a pistachio sorbet, or a cassatina. There’s much more than that. There’s the will to experiment, to wisely search for the strongest flavor for each single product that ends up in this intellectual alchemist’s hands. Everything always starts from an accurate selection of the raw materials.



Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Lucci e Reiko Hakata


Francesco Assenza e Luca Torneo


Rosario e Cristian Balestrieri e Nives Mazza


Carlo Assenza



corso Vittorio Emanuele, 125
96017 - Noto (Siracusa)
sito web
lunedì, mai ad agosto
variabili tra novembre e dicembre e tra gennaio e marzo
Tasting menu
gelato 18 euro al kg, pasticceria 25 euro al kg

Ricette dello chef

Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Assenza


Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Assenza

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Corrado Assenza

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