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Taverna Estia

Opened in June 1999, in 2019 Taverna Estia is going to celebrate 20 years of activity, an important goal for the Sposito family. For them, this is a place of the heart, a happy oasis and a think-thank, all accomplished in a kind of environment that was not easy to live in.

This same care and attention to detail permeates the food prepared by Francesco, who through the years has developed a mature and confident hand that shows all his inspiration and his sparkle. The power of his dishes comes from a lot of inputs and local references, mixed with occasional forays in other cultures. A walk through flavors and colors that will boost your senses and entertain you.



Francesco Sposito

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Giuseppe Ardolino e Roberto Ardolino


Mario Sposito


Mario Sposito



via Guido De Ruggiero, 108
80031 - Brusciano (Napoli)
sito web
martedì e mercoledì chiusi fino al 1° Luglio; dal 1° luglio al 1° ottobre chiusi a pranzo dal martedì al venerdì e domenica chiusi solo a cena
3 settimane variabili ad agosto e 3 a gennaio
Average price (wine excluded)
90 euro
Tasting menu
85, 110 e 140 euro