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Pepe in Grani

Behind Franco Pepe there’s the experience of 3 generations of bakers, in his heart there’s his passion for the leavened dough. Thanks to him, today Caiazzo is the mecca of pizzas, and Franco is its prophet. Foodies from all over the world go down the steep stairways of this ancient hamlet to finally eat something that feels like pure emotion.

The echo of his legendary pizzas reached every part of the globe, and over the years the big eighteenth century building where every day Franco gives birth and grows his intangible creatures has morphed into a structure that can satisfy such a huge demand and offers its guests a unique experience. The Margherita Sbagliata is a must.



Franco Pepe

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Stefano Pepe


Manuela Chiarolanza



vicolo San Giovanni Battista, 3
81013 - Caiazzo (Caserta)
sito web
lunedì. Aperto solo la sera. Da ottobre a maggio aperto anche domenica a pranzo
27-31 agosto
Average price (wine excluded)
13 euro
Tasting menu
25 euro
Tavolo dello chef per 8 persone

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Franco Pepe

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