Identità Milano 2024

Identità Milano 2024

The nineteenth edition - 9th-11th March

Identità Milano, the Identità Golose Congress in Milan, the father of all the later events in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Shanghai, first took place at Palazzo Mezzanotte in January 2005. It’s the first fine dining congress in Italy and the idea of its creator and curator Paolo Marchi was seemingly simple: «After returning from Lo Mejor de La Gastronomia I wondered: why is it that our chefs must go on a pilgrimage to San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, to exchange – and often copy – the ideas of other chefs from around the world? Let’s create our own culinary congress».

Like later events, Identità Milanois organised by MAGENTAbureau and summons the greatest professionals in fine dining and pastry-making, many of whom are Italian, including Carlo CraccoMassimo BotturaMassimiliano AlajmoDavide ScabinNadia Santini and Heinz Beck. Chefs who give an original trademark to their work, following tradition and walking down the path of creativity. «Italy’s food and hospitality industry, has an extraordinary talent for producing goods that, in terms of originality and style, rarely have any match around the world. It’s a moment we should be proud of», says Marchi, «which does not authorise us to believe we’re the best in the world». This is why there’s a good number of foreign chefs too: in the first edition, together with the Italian chefs, there were Ferran AdriàAndoni Luis Aduriz and Quique Dacosta from Spain, Wylie Dufresne from the US, and Jean-Luc Fau from France. All around them, from the start, there were the food artisans without whose work no chef could make any dish.

Since  2005, the congress in Milan has grown each year in size and importance: there’s been an increase in the duration, in the number of lesson and of producers exhibiting their delicacies. The location has also changed – from Palazzo Mezzanotte to the larger Mi.Co Milano Congressi in Via Gattamelata. Over 14 editions, there have been over 500 chefs, pizzaioli and pastry-chefs on stage, from over 20 countries around the world. Many collateral projects have born, such as the Guida online dei Ristoranti di Identità GoloseIdentità ExpoIdentità FutureMilano FOOD&WINE Festival and Ristoranti Fuori Congresso. All these elements make the Identità Milano congress, always at the beginning of the season, a moment every professional in the Italian and foreign fine dining scene should not miss.

The most recent development was the birth of Identità Golose Milano, the first International Hub of Gastronomy, in Via Romagnosi 3 in Milan. It’s the most ambitious project in the history of Identità Golose: a multi-functional space for culinary and cultural events, a restaurant and a training space. 

It’s a showcase for Italian cuisine and a window overlooking the cuisine of other countries, following the example of what Expo Milano 2015 did in the space of 6 months, attracting over 58,000 visitor and over 200 chefs. A food theatre where we can continue, 365 days a year, the work that gave life to 19 editions of the Identità Golose Congress.



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