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Il Portico

«Eh sì, eh sì...». Something Paolo Lopriore often says. It’s as if his theories on circadian cuisine or on the mechanisms of a telescopic spit were the simplest thing on earth. Truth is, nobody knows how to go so deep in the ancient texture of Italian food. But Il Portico is a perfect fit even for clients who are simply interested in good food. They will fall silent in front of casseroles channelling Rice with perch, Braised rabbit with white wine, Timballi di crespelle. And the bowls and the little plates all around: carrots and raw onions, white rice, dried apricots, almond sauce or bay leaves...


Paolo Lopriore

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Rosa Lopriore



piazza Libertà 36, angolo via Volta
22070 - Appiano Gentile (Como)
martedì sera, l'intero mercoledì e domenica sera
variabili a novembre e a giugno
Credit cards
no American Express e Diners
Average price (wine excluded)
65 euro
Tasting menu
60 euro

Ricette dello chef

Paolo Lopriore

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Paolo Lopriore

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Paolo Lopriore

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Paolo Lopriore

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