The Guide to Fine Dining Restaurants in Italy and around the world with awards to the young stars

Best food writer

Alessandra Dal Monte

Corriere della Sera

Born in Lonigo, Vicenza, after a degree in Communication from the University of Bologna and a master from the Walter Tobagi School of Journalismin Milan, she arrives at Corriere della Sera. Knowledgeable and curious, she’s always ready to spot new trends in the restaurant industry and in food habits, keeping an eye on what happens abroad too.

Best female chef

Karime Lopez

Best sous-chef

Remo Capitaneo

Best international chef

Ricard Camarena

Best pastry chef

Lucia De Prai

Best sommelier

Emanuele Izzo

Impresa Pizza

Gennaro Battiloro

The best wine expert

Anna Cardin

Best bread basket

Valentino Cassanelli

Surprise of the year

Alberto Gipponi

Best maître

Alberto Tasinato

Best food writer

Alessandra Dal Monte