Giuseppe Rambaldi

Cucina Rambaldi

via Sant'Ambrogio, 55
Villar Dora (Torino)
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His father, from Emilia, would have loved him to be an opera singer or a violinist. His mother, from Calabria region, wanted him to be a cook. Calabria people, we all know it, are very stubborn: this is why he became a chef. Maybe we missed the new Pavarotti but, as far as foodies are concerned, this was good because today Beppe Rambaldi is one of the most creative and interesting Italian chefs.

Born in 1972 in Melito Portosalvo, but grew up in Ferrara, where he attended the hotel management school, at the age of 15 he began to work in several restaurants by Ferrara sea. As soon as he finished the school in 1991, he completed his training in several restaurants in Italy and abroad. In 1997 he came to Cervinia’s Chalet Valdôtain. As chef Ugo Bruzzo noticed his mighty creative nature, in 1999 Beppe was sent to attend an internship to Combal in Almese, the legendary inn run by Davide Scabin. The encounter with Scabin’s hyper-inventive is dazzling. After 6 months of internship, Beppe was employed as a chef at Archetto in San Gillio but, after just one year, Scabin proposed him to join the team that would open soon the Combal.Zero in Rivoli. Beppe accepted.

Today, together with Giovanni Ghigo, is Davide’s sous chef. As it seldom happens, Beppe Rambaldi is a chef able to cook either sweet or salty dishes, ranging with nonchalance from Spaghetti with scallops and lime to Raspberry hamburger, from Black pork with coffee to the already legendary Cold Fusion: an icy disc of lemonade on which he leans berries, oranges and frozen kiwis, fruit jellies, meringues, sparkling water and an amazing egg yolk filled with vanilla and cream. Brilliant. Moreover, the Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi is a cousin of Beppe’s fathers. Genetics is genetics, not bullshits.

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Bob Noto

Bob Noto was born in Turin in 1956, the city where he lived and worked. He worked on photography and graphic art for 35 years and gastronomy for 25 years. Some of the customers he worked for are Abitare, Apicius, Cucina & Vini, Culture + Travel, De Agostini, Gambero Rosso, Giunti, La Repubblica, La Stampa, L'Espresso, Mcs, Panorama and Rai Sat. He was the curator of a gastro-photographic column on both Mejor de la Gastronomia and Identità Golose websites. All his jobs are always marked by a touch of irony