Ricette illustrate

Ingredients on the tip of a pencil, edited by Gianluca Biscalchin

Introducing Antonia Klugmann

Alchemies and ingredients of the chef from Trieste, working well in the enchanted lagoon of Venice

Niko illustrated

The best of the glorious chef from Abruzzo region in a 5-dishes path

Ceviche illustrated

In the second part of our journey to Lima, the protagonists and the recipe of the famous Peruvian signature dish

Gastón Acurio's world

The Peruvian chef is passing through special days. An illustration resumes his greatness

A journey to Sicily: Corrado Assenza

In an illustration, all the masterpieces created by the pastry-chef from Noto, the Aristotle of ingredients

A journey to Sicily: Ciccio Sultano

The illustrated narration of a meal at Ragusa Ibla’s Duomo. Memories become contemporary