Shake & shock

The world of cocktails and bartenders as told by Identità Golose.

Aperitifs on the terrace, three great places not to be missed in Milan

They are the places-to-be for a pre-dinner drink at “high altitude”: we have selected three hotel cocktail bars with breathtaking views over the city. What’s better between Excelsior Gallia, Radisson Collection Santa Sofia or 21 House of Stories?

panorama nottuno dalla terrazza de I Mirador dell'hotel 21 House of stories navigli

The Miradors at 21 House of Stories Navigli (credits Giovanni Samarini)

Coa, a Mexican machete makes its way to Hong Kong

In the former British colony, bartender Jay Khan is rapidly conquering cocktail enthusiasts. Under the sign of the agave

Connaught, The Donovan and Lyan-ess: the mixology of the future in London

Three cocktail bars, two in Mayfair and the third on the South Bank in front of the Thames, express ideas of the cocktelerie of the future. In addition to a strongly Italian soul

Italian-style super cocktails: the people from Paradiso, Sips, The Connaught and 1930 talk. And they tell us that...

They are at the top of the 50Best Bars and continue to grow: a journey between Barcelona, London and Milan in search of our best mixology. The words of Giacomo Giannotti, Simone Caporale, Agostino Perrone, Maura Milia and Benjamin Cavagna

Camparino: the rebirth of the establishment in Milan in the words of Tommaso Cecca

The barman and store manager sums up for Identità Golose four years of work in the Galleria, celebrated with the entrance, at number 27, in the World's 50 Best Bars

Lyre’s, alcohol-free spirits conquering the world

An Australian start-up, distributed in 30 countries (including Italy), focuses on alcohol-free essences and extracts. Here are some recipe ideas

Dry London Spirit, the alcohol-free “relative”

Dry London Spirit, the alcohol-free “relative” of gin, produced by Australian brand Lyre's