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An outdoor trip or a journey to the other side of the planet?
One thing is for sure: the destination is delicious, by Carlo Passera

The nature of Antonia, Antonia surrounded by nature: Klugmann’s perfect harmony in Vencò

At L'Argine, near Gorizia, the chef at her best shows an extraordinary proof of style blending "indoors" and "outdoors". She takes the stimuli from the surrounding nature and transforms it into dishes with a few touches: almost velvety, almost magic

28-09-2022 | 18:00
Antonia Klugmann in a portrait by Tanio Liotta r

Antonia Klugmann in a portrait by Tanio Liotta right outside the kitchen at L'Argine, in Friuli

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The Venetian master, the Lombard pupil, and Ligurian cuisine. Carlo Cracco and Mattia Pecis: great dishes in Portofino

The chef, helped by his very young right arm, interprets the local gastronomic tradition at Cracco Portofino with incredible clarity and total elegance. A perfect auteur's proof in a restaurant that embraces beauty, overlooking the harbour

24-09-2022 | 11:00
Carlo Cracco and Mattia Pecis. The great chef from

Carlo Cracco and Mattia Pecis. The great chef from Vicenza with his pupil from Bergamo is the protagonist at Cracco Portofino, where he approaches meatless cuisine for the first time, exalting fish and the extraordinary vegetation of Liguria. Photo Tanio Liotta

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The development of Cook the mountain, the transition of St. Hubertus: here is how Niederkofler builds the future

The project spreads with some changes at the three-starred restaurant in Val Badia: Lazzarini has left, the kitchen is now handed to Jacopo Lucini Paioni and Mauro Siega. Meanwhile, in the dining room and cellar Lukas Gerges confirms he’s a star

12-09-2022 | 11:00
Norbert Niederkofler and Lukas Gerges on the roo

Norbert Niederkofler and Lukas Gerges on the roof, Michele Lazzarini is instead going down: the spreading of Cook the mountain passes also through this phase of passage at St. Hubertus, in Alta Val Badia

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An exceptional marinated pork and other delicacies from Luca Landi, who presents Versilia in an original way

The chef from Lunasia and his idea of an "educational" cuisine, which recovers local memories but then gives endless takes. And places vegetables and meat on the same level: they go well together, but they can do well even by themselves

09-09-2022 | 11:00
Pork from Montaione, baby onions with saffron, apr

Pork from Montaione, baby onions with saffron, apricots with miso and cream of fish roe: excellent, a dish that is worth the trip, at Lunasia with Luca Landi. Photo Tanio Liotta

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A magnificent experience at Disfrutar in Barcelona: going against the time, surprising beyond trends

Food, ideas, techniques, show: Castro-Xatruch-Casañas are a unique trio in the restaurant scene and make the heritage of Spanish avantgarde contemporary. Captivating, irresistible, exciting: here’s our experience

07-09-2022 | 11:00
The three men from Disfrutar in Barcelona, who kn

The three men from Disfrutar in Barcelona, who know how to create unique emotions in the kitchen: left to right Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas (created from a photo on their website)

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The borderless revolution at Stüa de Michil: our journey around the world with Simone Cantafio

A tale of a different South Tyrol thanks to the brilliant talent of the young Lombardian-Calabrian chef who charmed Japan when working with Michel Bras. Now, aided by Covid, he surprises guests in Corvara, in Michil Costa’s famous hotel La Perla

15-07-2022 | 11:00
Chef Simone Cantafio at Stüa de Michil inside

Chef Simone Cantafio at Stüa de Michil inside La Perla, in Corvara, Val Badia, South Tyrol. Beside him, the excellent (like all the dining room staff) maître Valentina Stani

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Flower power: Mauro Colagreco’s surprising new menu at Mirazur (a photo gallery in 20 dishes)

The Italian-Argentinian chef continually alternates four different menus, based on the cycle of the moon: roots, leaves, fruits... But we have tasted the fourth, and most ambitious and difficult one, with (extraordinary) floral notes. Here are our notes

11-07-2022 | 11:00
Mauro Colagreco and, right, in the photo by Tanio

Mauro Colagreco and, right, in the photo by Tanio Liotta, one of the most beautiful and delicious dishes in his menu Univers Mirazur Fleurs, that is to say Tartellette of rose with chantilly and smoked eel

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