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An outdoor trip or a journey to the other side of the planet?
One thing is for sure: the destination is delicious, by Carlo Passera

An extraordinary Davide Guidara at Therasia in Vulcano: his 100% vegetable menu charmed us

The young chef, at the helm of restaurant I Tenerumi inside the Aeolian resort, plays with minimalism, concentrated aromas, super-umami drawn from green ingredients. With great results

09-07-2021 | 13:15
Davide Guidara relaxing on the grass at his veget

Davide Guidara relaxing on the grass at his vegetarian restaurant I Tenerumi, inside the Therasia Resort in Vulcano, Aeolian islands, Sicily. All the photos are from Tanio Liotta

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A fantastic vegetable tajine and other dishes show the growth of Paolo Griffa

At Petit Royal in Courmayeur the experience is always playful, the attention to aesthetics is detailed and the references are complex. But the chef has now reached the neat flavours he sought

03-05-2021 | 11:00
Vegetable tajine, sauce of lassi with cumin and mi

Vegetable tajine, sauce of lassi with cumin and mint, lemon and cinnamon couscous: this is perhaps the dish that most stood out a few weeks ago at Petit Royal in Courmayeur. And it depicts the constant growth of Paolo Griffa. The recipe is dedicated to artist Yulia Brodskaya and is part of the menu dedicated to art, in this case, paper art. (Photos from Tanio Liotta)

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The case of Varvara: from struggling shop to fine dining protagonist. The story of an idea that becomes a growth model

Once an overpriced shop, it now supplies top restaurants (including Noma) thanks to an agreement with farmers from Basilicata and to some extraordinary meat. And soon it will be a farm too...

01-02-2021 | 10:00
Varvara, two generations at work at Varvara - fra

Varvara, two generations at work at Varvara - fratelli di carne. Dad Antonio with his sons (left to right) Michele, Vincenzo and Alessandro

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A good morning at Da Vittorio: we tasted the Cerea special breakfast, an ode to deliciousness

Guests of the Cantalupa, the inn above the three-starred restaurant in Brusaporto, can indulge in a memorable breakfast, a summary of the family's hospitality: quality, abundance, smiles

25-12-2020 | 10:00
Buongiorno Da Vittorio once everything is served

Buongiorno Da Vittorio once everything is served on the table 

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The surprising Tina Marcelli: close to Brennero, an emerging talent for Italian cuisine

The chef from South Tyrol, born in 1986, leads a surprising brigade of women, and presents local food with international influences. Very convincing

21-10-2020 | 09:00
A team made only of women – except for sommelier

A team made only of women – except for sommelier Marco Tufo – at Artifex inside Hotel Feuerstein in Val di Fleres, Brennero. Left to right, chef Tina Marcelli, her wife Kim Marcelli, Stefanie Jehle, Valentina Lovi who takes good care of the dining room, bread maker Angela Martinelli, sous and pastry chef Sandra Kofler. Photo by Tanio Liotta

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The Douro Valley during the wine-making season, what with excellent food and tastings of Porto

October is the perfect month to visit the Portuguese wine heaven. Our recommendations, using the magnificent resort Six Senses as our base, where we met Marc Lorés, a chef of great value

16-10-2020 | 09:00
The magnificent Douro Valley with Six Senses Dour

The magnificent Douro Valley with Six Senses Douro Valley. The resort is a perfect starting point to discover one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. October is the perfect season to do so. Here are our recommendations...

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José Avillez's Belcanto, the melody of the New Portuguese Cuisine

A great chef-entrepreneur who does all it takes with his top restaurant, destined to reach important goals because of his ability to create harmony between memories, products and creativity

07-10-2020 | 09:00
José Avillez is the most important representativ

José Avillez is the most important representative of the Portuguese culinary scene, with many restaurants scattered around Lisbon (and beyond) among which the great, great, great Belcanto stands out 

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