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An outdoor trip or a journey to the other side of the planet?
One thing is for sure: the destination is delicious, by Carlo Passera

Brussels and its great chefs: discovering Belgian taste at Bon Bon di Christophe Hardiquest

The restaurant, two Michelin stars, enhances the culinary identity of the capital, giving a new take on tradition and connecting with small producers. But it will close down for good on the 30th of June, in view of new projects...

25-03-2022 | 12:30
An emblem of Belgian cuisine, Brussels sprouts in

An emblem of Belgian cuisine, Brussels sprouts in the appetizer served at Bon Bon, the two-Michelin star restaurant of Christophe Hardiquest, the chef and patron who announced he will close for good on the 30th of June in view of new projects. In the dish in the photo, the Brussels sprouts end up in a mini crepe with pulled oxtail and smoked mustard. All the photos are from EquinoxLightPhoto

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Eleven Italians at Geranium, which is aiming for n.1. The new tasting menu. They will be at Identità Milano

We've been to Copenhagen, to the number 2 restaurant in the 50Best, to taste some brand-new dishes. And, with the help of Chicco Cerea, we tell you about this place and Italian "colony" where one third of the staff comes from Italy.

17-03-2022 | 11:30
Celeriac with smoked cod roe and cream of milk fer

Celeriac with smoked cod roe and cream of milk fermented with caviar, an aesthetically exceptional dish, with very clean flavours. This is one of the dishes in the new menu at Geranium in Copenhagen. Søren Ledet, its director and co-patron together with Rasmus Kofoed, will be among the international guests at the next edition of the Identità Milano 2022 congress, from the 21st to the 23rd of April. But the entire programme will be available this week. Photo Claes Bech-Poulsen

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Caimani, ants, giant fish, larvae. Superb cocoa and coffee. Leo Espinosa's menu is an ark of flavours

A report on the great Colombian chef from her restaurant in Bogotá, n. 46 in the 50Best: her culinary offer claims natives flavours from a territory of deserts, two oceans, planes, glaciers, fertile valleys and thick jungle

01-03-2022 | 15:00
Leo Espinosa in her office at Leo, great Colombia

Leo Espinosa in her office at Leo, great Colombian cuisine in Bogotà. Here she shows a sketch of a dish she'll make in the future

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A chat with Riccardo Camanini: new game-based dishes, the 50Best-triumph, the Michelin-disappointment... And serenity

We talked with the chef from Lido 84, at the end of a rollercoaster of a year, what with the lockdowns and the climb to the top of the world. All the changes in the menu

22-12-2021 | 12:00
Riccardo Camanini at Identità Milano 2021 (pho

Riccardo Camanini at Identità Milano 2021 (photo Brambilla-Serrani)

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Here's why Bottura-Forapani's Cavallino is a truly perfect model of trattoria (all'emiliana)

In the headquarters of Ferrari, in Maranello, the chef from Osteria Francescana has given a new life to an establishment from 1950, transforming it into an example of Italian excellence. Here's what we tasted

16-10-2021 | 11:00
The embroidery work on the tents at Cavallino, in

The embroidery work on the tents at Cavallino, in Maranello. This is already a sign of the mix of past and future in Ferrari's restaurant, now run by Massimo Bottura and chef Riccardo Forapani

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An extraordinary Davide Guidara at Therasia in Vulcano: his 100% vegetable menu charmed us

The young chef, at the helm of restaurant I Tenerumi inside the Aeolian resort, plays with minimalism, concentrated aromas, super-umami drawn from green ingredients. With great results

09-07-2021 | 13:15
Davide Guidara relaxing on the grass at his veget

Davide Guidara relaxing on the grass at his vegetarian restaurant I Tenerumi, inside the Therasia Resort in Vulcano, Aeolian islands, Sicily. All the photos are from Tanio Liotta

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A fantastic vegetable tajine and other dishes show the growth of Paolo Griffa

At Petit Royal in Courmayeur the experience is always playful, the attention to aesthetics is detailed and the references are complex. But the chef has now reached the neat flavours he sought

03-05-2021 | 11:00
Vegetable tajine, sauce of lassi with cumin and mi

Vegetable tajine, sauce of lassi with cumin and mint, lemon and cinnamon couscous: this is perhaps the dish that most stood out a few weeks ago at Petit Royal in Courmayeur. And it depicts the constant growth of Paolo Griffa. The recipe is dedicated to artist Yulia Brodskaya and is part of the menu dedicated to art, in this case, paper art. (Photos from Tanio Liotta)

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