IG2021: il lavoro

Carlo Cracco: «Our commitment to create a more humane restaurant industry»

The chef from Vicenza on the stage of Identità Milano with all his team: «Many cooks have changed job. Who can blame them? We need to remain united, to design a normal future together»

03-11-2021 | 15:45
In the background, Carlo Cracco, the first speake

In the background, Carlo Cracco, the first speaker of the second day at #IdentitàMilano21. Close up, Luca Sacchi, chef at Cracco in Galleria

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Three-starred recommendations: Josep Roca and Alessandro Tomberli talk of dining room, staff, wine, dress code...

They are in charge of the hospitality in two of the most prestigious restaurants in Europe, namely El Celler de Can Roca and Enoteca Pinchiorri: they shared their ideas on the future of restaurants

22-10-2021 | 11:00
Josep Roca and Alessandro Tomberli participated

Josep Roca and Alessandro Tomberli participated in the 16th edition of Identità Milano, within Identità di Sala: here with the classic photo with host Federico De Cesare Viola (all photos from Brambilla Serrani)

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Italian Cuisine a candidate for the Unesco World Heritage list. The energy of the promoters, the commitment of the institutions

On the 11th of October, the candidacy request was defined. And then… We discussed it at the congress with Maddalena Fossati, Corrado Assenza, Roberta Garibaldi and Gian Marco Centinaio

20-10-2021 | 11:00
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So close, so invisible: a short trip with Riccardo Camanini, who discovered a world around the corner

The chef went in search of forgotten foods from the region north of Lake Garda: beech, ram, walnut husk, caprifico, beans from Valvestino, tombea cheese. This resulted in six extraordinary dishes

18-10-2021 | 11:00
Riccardo Camanini at Identità Milano 2021. All

Riccardo Camanini at Identità Milano 2021. All photos from Brambilla-Serrani

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Antonia Klugmann: the importance of execution

In her talk on the theme of work, the chef from Argine a Vencò focused on a crucial element of a dish, which influences the creative process and gives value to the team

12-10-2021 | 11:00
Antonia Klugmann on the stage of Identità Milano

Antonia Klugmann on the stage of Identità Milano 2021 with Paolo Marchi and Lodovica Bo, who presented her lesson (all the photos are from Brambilla / Serrani)

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Massimo Bottura: «We are the ancient people, now»

The chef from Modena at Identità after two and a half years: «The past makes us wise». And then he lists all the important results he's reached. And he ends: «Restaurants are enterprises, let's not forget this»

06-10-2021 | 11:00
Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana (Modena, an

Massimo BotturaOsteria Francescana (Modena, and much more) on Monday 27th September, Identità Milano. Photo Brambilla/Serrani

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Identità Milano enjoys the trust of monsieur Alain: «We're getting out of it, restaurants are back in business»

Ducasse at the congress, in his role of president of les Collectionneurs, an example of association that goes beyond borders, creating an ambitious project of educational exchange

06-10-2021 | 11:00
Alain Ducasse on the stage of Identità Milano 20

Alain Ducasse on the stage of Identità Milano 2021. All the photos are from Brambilla-Serrani

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