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Unforgettable Lyst

In a fiord in the Jutland peninsula, in Denmark, a visionary entrepreneur launched a scenic restaurant that stimulates all the senses, creating a unique experience

18-08-2022 | 11:00
The Fjordenhus building, hosting restaurant Lyst

The Fjordenhus building, hosting restaurant Lyst in the port of Vejle, a fiord in the Jutland peninsula, in Denmark

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Growth, commitment: the role of female chefs at Féminas, 3 days of debates on female cuisine

Our report from the Asturias, from a congress that gave word to many protagonists of contemporary food (and society). Words from Carme Ruscalleda, Fatmata Binta, Manu Buffara, Najat Kanaache, Cristina Bowerman

13-08-2022 | 11:00
The second edition of Féminas, the International

The second edition of Féminas, the International Congress of Gastronomy, Women and Rural Milieu organised by Vocento Gastronomía and promoted – by the Principality of Asturias - “to showcase and support women connected with the world of cuisine, the rural milieu and actively working to promote sustainable practices”. Identità Golose took part: here is our report

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All that you wanted to know about a true Turkish breakfast, and you never dared to ask

Rule number 1: it’s mostly savory. Number 2: it’s an important moment of the day, they have it at around 10 in the morning. Number 3: whether you’re in a luxury hotel or staying at a Turkish friend, it will be a rich triumph of delicacies

11-08-2022 | 11:00
A small (or almost) selection of all the delicacie

A small (or almost) selection of all the delicacies that make the typical Turkish breakfast

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Meet Alexandre Mazzia, the 50Best’s bet. Africa, Marseille and a cuisine of "spices, smoke and kilos"

The story of the up-and-coming French chef, who already holds three stars with his AM par Alexandre Mazzia, in Marseille. His great grandfather from Torino, his childhood in the Congo, his basketball career and a certainty: a very personal, authentic styl

09-08-2022 | 11:00
Alexandre Mazzia won the American Express One To

Alexandre Mazzia won the American Express One To Watch 2022 award with his restaurant in Marseille, according to the 50Best. Photo by Matthieu Cellard

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Promoting nomadic and sustainable culinary culture: the Basque Culinary World Prize 2022 goes to Fatmata Binta

The chef from Western Africa was awarded by the international jury directed by Joan Roca. Originally from Sierra Leone, Fatmata Binta is a point of reference for Fulani nomadic cuisine and promotes her project "Dine on a Mat"

08-07-2022 | 10:00
Chef Fatmata Binta

Chef Fatmata Binta

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Massimo Bottura, a volcano in the Canaries

The chef from Modena is the protagonist of two sold-out menus and of a highly acclaimed speech at the Royal Hideaway Resort in Tenerife. Here’s a summary of the two days in the Atlantic Ocean

04-07-2022 | 11:00
Niki Pavanelli, chef from Bologna working at Itali

Niki Pavanelli, chef from Bologna working at Italian restaurant Il Bocconcino, inside the Royal Hideaway Resort in Tenerife and Massimo BotturaOsteria Francescana in Modena, the protagonists of two dinners on the 25th and 26th of June

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Ocean: the menu at Redzepi’s Noma, dish by dish

Each season, there’s a new menu at the restaurant in Copenhagen. For the season that has just ended, the inspiration and the ingredients came from the sea. Here’s the report

30-06-2022 | 16:00
René Redzepi, in the middle, with part of the sta

René Redzepi, in the middle, with part of the staff at Noma

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