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Millei, chainsaws... and lots of good food. The Argentine table grows: we tell you about its first two stars

The Latin American country has debuted in the universe of macarons that count: Aramburu is its flagship address, entering the world gastronomic scene. We paid a visit, in Buenos Aires...

Aramburu's brigade with, third from right, che

Aramburu's brigade with, third from right, chef-patron Gonzalo Aramburu, the one with the moustache: he has recently been awarded two Michelin stars, the first restaurant in Argentina (he is in Buenos Aires) to win the prestigious accolade

Dakar, Chef Merlo and the challenge of quality

The ambitions of the owner of Noliane in Senegal's capital: 'I would like Italians travelling here to find my cuisine as good as it is at home. I am not looking for discounts because we are far away.' Meanwhile he celebrates

In Senegal, the Italian you don't expect

Alessandro Merlo, 49-year-old from Acqui Terme in Piedmont, first sommelier and then chef, moved eight years ago to Dakar, his wife’s hometown. He owns a hotel and a fine restaurant, Noliane

Three stars but not only. A restaurant, a beverage line, gastro-sandwiches... All the news about Ana Roš

The chef-owner of Hiša Franko in Slovenia, who has just received the highest recognition from Michelin, has many other exciting projects in the works, starting with a new restaurant that will open in a few days. Let's hear about them

A great period for chef Ana Roš. She has just ear

A great period for chef Ana Roš. She has just earned three stars for her flagship restaurant, Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia. But now, she also announces her new restaurant, and more...

Dining in the Greek islands: our guide to the best restaurants in the Aegean pearls

Holiday mode is still on? If you are planning a trip in Greece, dive deep into our selection of the best restaurants to visit for a serious gastronomic island – hopping

Cantina, in Sifnos, it's one of the restaurant

Cantina, in Sifnos, it's one of the restaurants you'll find in this guide 

Mauro Colagreco is opening in London at the impressive Raffles London at The OWO

One of the most anticipated restaurant projects in the English capital will be launched in the autumn, with Colagreco leading three restaurants in the hotel, which will also host a new Langosteria

Mauro Colagreco

Mauro Colagreco

18-08-2022 | 11:00

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