Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi

A mouth watering page, published every Sunday in Il Giornale from November 1999 to the autumn of 2010. Stories and personalities that continue to live in this website

Disfrutar, enjoying life to the fullest

Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, chef-patron of the newly-three-starred restaurant in Barcelona, will tell how they got so high, even in the 50 Best, on the 9th of March at Identità Golose. And what a great finale, thanks to a special table

The trio at Disfrutar in Barcelona: Oriol Castro,

The trio at Disfrutar in Barcelona: Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch e Mateu Casañas

Aleia, a journey into beauty

Italian-Argentinian chef Paulo Airaudo, based in San Sebastian, runs the restaurant at Casa Fuster in Barcelona, an elegant historic building that has reached our days intact. The menu is curated by Rafa de Bedoya. And that red rose...

Cracco: 'This is how Identità was born'

Exactly 20 years ago, on the 15th of January 2004, Marchesi's pupil's lecture at Madrid Fusion made us realise that Italian chefs deserved their own congress at home: 'Back then we were more creative and freer to dare. We must believe in our country.'

Andreina's world and friendly embers

Marche chef Errico Recanati is carving out an increasingly important place for himself in the panorama of grilled cuisine on a par with masters such as Victor Arguinzoniz in the Basque Country. And Jessica Rosval shines in Modena

Identità di fuoco shines over the future

Casa Maria Luigia and Gatto Verde hosted the first edition of an event in Modena featuring chefs and pizzaioli, who tamed embers and live flames. Elkano’s turbot was the star

Identità di fuoco, big news at Casa Maria Luigia

On 24th-25th September following the opening of Gatto Verde it will be launched in Modena a new event by Massimo Bottura and Paolo Marchi so as to valorize the most ancient source of heat in the world. 10 stars including Ekstedt, Arregui and Kavcic