Cuttlefish essence, cuttlefish liver emulsion and black borage

Gennaro Esposito

For 4 people

240 g of pasta
1 whole cuttlefish weighing 220 g
100 g of borage
garlic, oil, salt and lemon juice



Gently separate the cuttlefish head from its body, without removing the skin. Take out the sack containing the ink and the liver and set to one side. Place it in a terracotta pot, recomposing the pieces. Add a drizzle of oil and a clove of garlic with its skin. Cover and leave to cook at 75 °C for 75 minutes.

Make the emulsion, flavouring the liver with a few drops of lemon juice. Clean the borage, wash it and sauté it with oil and garlic, adding the ink sack.

When the cuttlefish is cooked, take it out of the pot, cut it into even-sized rectangles and set it to one side. Meanwhile, we will stir the cooking juices into the pasta with the liver emulsion and a drizzle of oil.

Place the pasta on a plate, alternating it with the cuttlefish rectangles and borage. Complete with a drizzle of raw oil.