Identità di Pizza

Identità di Pizza 85

I find the theme of the contribution, below, by Piero Gabrieli: From Tradition to Artificial Intelligence very relevant and topical. I was captivated by the bridge between memories and future that we are always called upon to outline and fill with co [...]
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Identità di Pizza 84

On the 1st of December, a Friday, Alain Ducasse, accompanied by Olivier Ginon, the powerful organiser of events such as Sirah and Bocuse d'Or, had lunch at Pepe in grani, Franco Pepe's pizzeria in the historic centre of Caiazzo in the provinc [...]
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Identità di Pizza 83

Due personal commitments, a few weeks ago, on the afternoon of the 22nd of October I was only able to participate in +Gusto, the event of the gourmet supplement of Repubblica and La Stampa. In Bologna, I forcedly missed a lot of speeches, but no [...]
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Identità di Pizza 82

On the 6th and 7th of November, Pizzaup, an important moment of reflection and in-depth analysis about the world of pizza, will be held in Milan. At the core, there’s the role of emotions, their added value. Don't get carried away. Paolo [...]
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Identità di Pizza 81

'Palates educated in good taste do not turn back because of price,' writes Piero Gabrieli in his column, and it is true. Today, we run the risk that pizza research is limited for exquisitely economic reasons. One often hears that one good piz [...]
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Identità di Pizza 80

There are four styles of pizza as defined a little over ten years after the launch of the Contemporary Pizza Manifesto. Piero Gabrieli reminds us of this below. A very interesting reading, but before I even thought of this poker of high roads, I have [...]
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Identità di Pizza 79

Tradition or innovation? It always comes down to that in the end. As if choosing one or the other position is in itself a source of success or failure in the eyes of customers and critics. It’s challenging to find a meeting point between the tw [...]
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Identità di Pizza 78

Pizza made its first appearance at Identità Golose in 2009 when we celebrated it at the opening of the congress, in an auditorium eager to understand why. And now that we are about to experience, on Saturday 28th of January, the 11th edition o [...]
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Identità di Pizza 77

I love pizza, I’ve always loved pizza, not since it became chic, cool and gourmet, words I leave to those who still like and use them. I'll get straight to the point: I'm afraid that the crisis may put the world of contemporary pizza in [...]
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Identità di Pizza 76

In economically hard times, now and even more so tomorrow, how many different types of pizzas will a pizzaiolo be able to afford? Sixteen, the equivalent of a restaurant's minimum menu? How do you translate into pizzas, 4 starters, 4 first course [...]
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Identità di Pizza 75

The second issue of this newsletter is dedicated to Modernist Pizza, by Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya, an encyclopaedia on the world's most loved, imitated and reimagined Italian dish. The term Modernist evokes contemporary knowledge, with [...]
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Identità di Pizza 74

Born in 1955, I grew up hearing that one does not speak ill of Garibaldi, one does not gratuitously offend someone who is respected and honoured because he is considered, practically unanimously, a figure of absolute value. You can criticise anything [...]
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Identità di Pizza 73

I was watching, like many others, the first episode of Masterchef 2021, a few days ago, with judges Giorgio Locatelli, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Bruno Barbieri, and at one point I wondered why nobody has ever taken the challenge of making [...]
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Identità di Pizza 72

How beautiful, true and full of life is the substance of the issue 72 of this newsletter. Identità di Pizza arrived soon after the day dedicated to pizza at Identità Golose on Monday 27th of September and PizzaUp&nbs [...]
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Identità di Pizza 71

The episode of Striscia la notizia that was broadcasted on April the 20th was dedicated to a masterpiece  by Simone Padoan, pizzaiolo in San Bonifacio in the province of Verona: Pizza with squilla mantis, marin [...]
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Identità di Pizza 70

With restaurants closed from 6 pm and delivery service not always working well, I often think of what I would like to discover once we will go back to a decent normality, like having restaurants open until 9.30 pm and so be able to dine out. So, I [...]
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Identità di Pizza 69

In the caption of the photo below, which refers to Molino Quaglia's Università della Pizza, we can read “But the real question is: what will "pupils" want and need when we open again?”. A very legitimate question [...]
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Identità di Pizza 68

Between October and November, while we travelled from one end of Italy to the other to record 20 episodes of Identità on the road, I asked Renato Bosco what pizza will be like in ten years' time, and this is his reply: &laqu [...]
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Identità di Pizza 67

Read the first news in this newsletter carefully: it has all one should focus on in this period, especially if you own one or more pizzerias (but the concept applies to anyone who owns a service business). This summer I even heard of people who almos [...]
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Identità di Pizza 66

In his piece, Piero Gabrieli asks a very important question now that it’s been a few weeks since restaurants were able to open again [in Italy] though with many limits and doubts. Change or normality? My answer is change. Bu [...]
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Identità di Pizza 65

This issue of the newsletter dedicated to pizza is strongly focused on home deliveries of pizza margherita and marinara because in the almost two months of quarantine, with many workplaces deserted, there was no alternative to staying at home. For [...]
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Identità di Pizza 64

There’s no specific season for pizza. You can eat it always and everywhere. What changes is the ingredients spread on the disc of bread, at least in those pizzerias that follow the seasons and escape from every standardisation of pizza. Havi [...]
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Identità di Pizza 63

Piero Gabrieli in the following news and, in general, during the latest edition of PizzaUp in November in Vighizzolo d’Este, raises an important issue in contemporary communication: how should you choose the photos to illustrate [...]
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Identità di Pizza 62

While Pier Daniele Seu presented the future of pizza at the latest edition of LSDM in Paestum, a piece you can read here, restaurant entrepreneur Vittorio Borgia who opened his second Bioesserì in M [...]
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Identità di Pizza 61

There’s nothing more Italian than pizza. We don’t have to share it with other people around the world, as in the case of pasta and rice. We don’t even need to explain to foreigners the meaning of “al dente”. This is no i [...]
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Identità di Pizza 60

Pizza is acquiring more a more the role of a dish that offers us the possibility to share ideas, something that is hard to do with other dishes. This because its straight jacket, the disc of bread used as the canvas, is also its forte, a common denom [...]
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Identità di Pizza 59

Crosta is an establishment with two souls: we owe the bread to Giovanni Mineo, and the pizza to Simone Lombardi. All this in Via Bellotti 13 in Milan, tel. +39.02.38248570. It opened early in December 2018, and I like the way they work [...]
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Identità di Pizza 58

At Identità Golose at the end of March 2019 Chiara Quaglia and Piero Gabrieli unveiled the Almanacco della Pizza which they will present as a complete project early in November at PizzaUp& [...]
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Identità di Pizza 56

It’s been eight years since pizza, as recalled by Carlo Passera in this issue,made its debut at Identità Golose. And what a debut it was, back in 2011. Three pizzas – and their pizzaioli -, launched the congress in the Au [...]
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Identità di Pizza 55

As we approached the end of the year, there were endless best-of lists, endless discussions on the health of Italian cuisine, on the choice between creativity and tradition, on why 10 three-star restaurants in Italy are too few, and there are no pizz [...]
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Identità di Pizza 54

A few days ago, in Vighizzolo d’Este, near Padua, the 2018 edition of PizzaUp took place at Molino Quaglia. The event also opens this newsletter. Among the novelties I’d like to mention, there’s the Almanacco delle Pi [...]
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Identità di Pizza 53

On the 13th of August, I was struck by the title of the first news in Thrillist’s newsletter, an American website whose content goes beyond food and restaurants:How cauliflower became pizza’s hottest ingredient. I’ve never e [...]
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Identità di Pizza 52

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a really good chef. One of those chefs who would risk their money to establish their ideas, and their recipes. I was struck by what he said about pizza. He said it’s a limited way of cooking because there&rsq [...]
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Identità di Pizza 51

I never thought that on a professional level there could be a tangible difference between the same dish, whether a male or a female chef had made it. Elena Arzak, who runs Arzak in San Sebastian with her father Juan Mari, often te [...]
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Identità di Pizza 50

This issue of the newsletter dedicated to pizza, celebrates what we experienced, also in terms of bread, in the latest edition of Identità Golose, three weeks ago in Milan. However, Carlo Passera also features the case of Cracco’s pizza, [...]
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Identità di Pizza 49

I wouldn’t turn back. My favourite pizzas, due to recent quality, are no longer calzone filled with ricotta (which I hate when in the shape of a pizza), fiordilatte and cooked ham, nor pizza with cooked ham and anchovies added before baking. To [...]
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Identità di Pizza 48

In the ocean of comments that followed the death of Gualtiero Marchesi, who was buried last week in San Zenone al Po, I was struck by the words of Enzo Coccia: «I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago. He said: 'Don’t be one who h [...]
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Identità di Pizza 47

After presenting the 11th edition of the Guida di Identità Golose ai ristoranti di Italia, Europa e Mondo (the third only online) at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan on the 28th November, we gave a look at the reviews. We wer [...]
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Identità di Pizza 46

After the announcement in mid-October that Il Fattore Umano - The Human Factor -will be the theme of Identità Golose 2018, to be held in Milan on the 3rd-5th March, last week we revealed the emblem dish, a very meaningful choice. Indeed w [...]
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Identità di Pizza 45

The past few days we were at work with IG America. Like last year, this year too Chicago anticipated New York, while Boston followed like the cherry on the cake. It all happened between the 7th and 13th of October. Chicago is a truly intriguing metro [...]
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Identità di Pizza 42

The latest edition of Identità di Pizza in Milan three weeks ago, but also lots of travelling around the world, confirmed my opinion that Naples is a prisoner of that masterpiece the entire world admires and envies: her majesty Margherita [...]
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Identità di Pizza 41

only last week, in the greeting in the general newsletter of Identità Golose, issue 496, I recalled how the president of Iceland, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, inveighed against pineapple pizza, so much so that if he could, he [...]
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Identità di Pizza 40

We’ve posted the programme of Identità Golose 2017, in Milan from Saturday 4th March to Monday 6th, with many new elements and many established ones, one of which is dedicated to the most famous and popular Italian dish worldwide: pizza. Identit [...]
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Identità di Pizza 39

Antonella De Santis interview Fausto Arrighi «inspector from 1977 to 2005 and director until 2012 [...]
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Identità di Pizza 38

From Tuesday till Thursday last week, the tenth edition of PizzaUp took place in Milan. The annual event was organised by Molino Quaglia for nine years in their headquarters in Vighizzolo d’Este, Padua, and it doubled on this occasion. This first t [...]
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Identità di Pizza 37

The third edition of Identità Chicago and the seventh one in New York have just ended. There was an important debut in New York for pizza. In Milan it has been a constant presence for years now and last year we also celebrated it London, for a week [...]
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Identità di Pizza 36

Last night at Davide Scabin’s in Rivoli, close to Torino, on top of the three new products by Birra Moretti we had the chance to taste, once again, one of the many masterpieces, Davide calls them evergreen, that he’s created here: Zup [...]
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Identità di Pizza 35

If you tell an Italian chef he makes nouvelle cuisine it’s not a compliment. The very same applies to pizza chefs who follow the steps of Simone Padoan when they hear, especially from Neapolitans, that truth be said their pizza is focaccia that is [...]
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Identità di Pizza 34

Lots has been said this past few months about pizza in every shape. Two news above all: Naples’ hope to see its masterpiece in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, thus safeguarded by UNESCO; and the hopes of the many pizza chefs scattered around [...]
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Identità di Pizza 33

Gina DePalma, who passed away at 49, on 29th December in New York, was not a fantastic pizza-chef but a pastry-chef. Her name is tied to Mario Batali’s [...]
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Identità di Pizza 32

We’ll need to wait at least one more year for a pizzeria to be awarded with a Michelin star. And perhaps even then it won’t be one of those that are most popular among critics and enthusiasts. It is true that Sergio Lovrinovich, the Italian edito [...]
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Identità di Pizza 31

What a fine week, the one between October and November was. On top of the presentation of the 2016 guide and the grand finale at Expo, I was at Identità di Pizza in London and at PizzaUp in Vighizzolo d’Este, Padua, where [...]
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Identità di Pizza 30

Premio Birra Moretti Gran Cru, to which we will soon dedicate a special release, barges into this issue of Identità di Pizza, as in the finals in Milan, on Monday 19th October, Riccardo Gaspari of [...]
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Identità di Pizza 29

Perhaps excellent, in the title of the article below, is too strong an adjective, perhaps good would have been closer to reality yet if we’re talking about Milan, it is easy to get carried away. Pizza and pizzerie in Milan, have long and virtually [...]
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Identità di Pizza 28

Lievità is the name of a new pizzeria in Milan, in Via Ravizza 11, tel. +39.02.91328251, serving gourmet pizza. This is very welcome in a town whose weak point is pizza. Something is changing but we’re just at the beginning of the journey. It’s [...]
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Identità di Pizza 27

On March 31st Munchies published an interview with Christian Puglisi, the less Nordic of Northern Europe’s talents, as his father is from Sicily and his moth [...]
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Identità di Pizza 26

I’m literally impressed by the day dedicated, during the eleventh edition of Identità Golose, to bread (in the morning) and pizza (in the afternoon). I’m impressed by the energy gushing out, one event after the other, and by the confirmation tha [...]
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