Carlo Liuzzi

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Farmacia Balboa

Farmacia Balboa
piazza Pisanelli, 24
Tricase (Lecce)


A Gallehault indeed was the piña colada capable of charming Luisa Acciarri Marchi: a blast of taste and nature «I don’t use industrial coconut cream, which is only rich in additives, but a fresh preparation. I believe you have to drink well». This applies to all his cocktails: high quality artisanal spirits, the right ratio of water and sugars (which he studied with master ice cream makers such as Sergio Colalucci), and then fruits and spices. This is how Carlo Liuzzi got his first ticket as a speaker for Identità Milano: thanks to excellence and lots of passion, the same that after his premise («I’m shy») makes it possible for him to overwhelm you with words, concepts, enthusiasm.

After all, his is a clear vocation, as it was in the case of basket: «I was a professional player, even though I never wanted to leave Apulia [he was born in Ostuni, in 1971]. I got to play in the B series with Lecce’s team: after I’d finish a game, I would take a shower and start to prepare cocktails». At 31 he made the decision: he hung up his shoes, and made room for the shaker. In his own style: «No juices or syrups, only fresh fruit. No chemicals, only nature». With some difficulties at first («New things have a hard time establishing themselves in Lecce») but now Liuzzi is going fast on his road, thanks to the catering school he attended in Brindisi and the following extensive experience, «at first I would wash glasses at weddings, but I wanted to be independent and I became when I was still a minor... My mother is English and she gave me this mentality»).

He spent five years rinsing his mixers in Parma – among his stops, that at Grand Hotel de la Ville, five stars – while since August 2014 he collaborates with the new born Farmacia Balboa, a trendy cocktail bar created by Taylor Hackford, the director of An Officer and Gentleman, who lives nearby, and Francesco Winspeare, the soul of Castel di Salve and brother to Edoardo, who directs Apulian stories and passions. The latter would enjoy the one of the first small farmer who imported the cultivation of habanero to Salento: Liuzzi uses it to give a hot touch to his cocktails «based on simple concepts. I give a twist to the great classics».

He also collaborates as a beverage consultant with Stekkolandia (a national franchising), Dolce Natura in Padua and Tropitalia with reference to the use of tropical fruit in cocktail bars.

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