Roast rack of suckling piglet glazed with coffee and cocoa bean honey, puréed lambs lettuce roots, chicory roots and gentian roots, coffee and gianduia

Enrico Crippa

For 4 people

For the coffee and cocoa bean honey
200 g of orange blossom honey
1 spoonful of cocoa beans
1 spoonful of coffee beans

For the piglet
2 racks of suckling piglet
50 g of garlic butter (made by gently frying 1 clove of garlic in 50 g of butter)
30 g of extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

For the root purée
500 g of torn white onion cooked in butter and water
50 g of boiled lambs lettuce roots
10 g of dried chicory roots (toasted and rehydrated in 100 g of water)
1 g of gentian roots (rehydrated in water)
1 pinch of coffee
30 g of gianduia chocolate

For the garnish
200 g of piglet gravy
coffee powder


For the aromatised honey
Leave the coffee and cocoa beans to infuse, cold, in the honey for about a month.

Gently fry the piglet with the oil, until the skin is golden and crisp; then add the garlic butter and gently cook the meat, basting constantly with the juices.
It will be ready after about 15 minutes; take it out of the pan and leave it to rest in a warm place for about 10 minutes. Then brush the skin with 80 g of aromatised honey and leave it to dry slightly under the overhead grill.

For the puréed roots
Heat all the ingredients together and blend them in the Thermomix.

Place some of the root purée on a dinner plate and lay the rack of piglet on it; add a little of its gravy and a pinch of coffee powder.