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The new cloud-dessert by Jordi Roca that makes rain fall on the plate. And flies away

At El Celler de Can Roca,"Bosque lluvioso" is a dessert that presents a cloud of distilled mushrooms that condensates to release aromatic drops, as if it were rain. It's "anchored" to the plate, or else it would fly to the ceiling

21-02-2022 | 11:00
Bosque lluvioso, the new, spectacular dessert by J

Bosque lluvioso, the new, spectacular dessert by Jordi Roca, in the shape of a cloud made of distilled mushrooms that creates a rain on the plate. It is "anchored" to the plate, or else it would fly away

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Introducing Stefano de Costanzo, pastry chef with Giorgio Locatelli in London

The young chef from Foggia teams up with the celebrity chef from Locanda Locatelli. His career took off when he was noticed by Gordon Ramsay…

18-09-2019 | 09:00
Stefano de Costanzo with Giorgio Locatelli. They

Stefano de Costanzo with Giorgio Locatelli. They are key players – the former pastry chef and the latter chef patron – at Locanda Locatelli in London 

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From the Città della Pizza: what dessert in pizzerias?

Three talented pizzaioli and a dilemma. Here are their answers from the debate that took place during Città della Pizza in Rome

01-07-2019 | 09:00
The dessert inspired by pizza, presented by Walte

The dessert inspired by pizza, presented by Walter Musco of Bompiani, Rome

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A visit to L'École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona

We’ve been to Tain l’Hermitage, to see the workshops where their delicacies are born. And for children there’s also the Cité du Chocolat...

26-06-2019 | 09:00
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Christophe Domange: «What I envy Italians for in pastry-making? Panettone»

The director of L’École Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage tells us about his passion for the great Italian cake and for Italian gelato

07-01-2019 | 06:00
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When flavours won’t give you the first place

With the best dessert, Italian Beligni got the second place at C3 Valrhona in New York, penalised by the jury for wasting an ingredient

06-11-2018 | 07:00
Yusuke Aoki and Ettore Beligni, respectively fir

Yusuke Aoki and Ettore Beligni, respectively first and second place in the 2018 edition of C3 Valrhona, in New York. The competition is dedicated to chocolate in pastry making. Photos by Paolo Marchi

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For real Italian pastry making

Assenza sets the example: «Semifinished products are in conflict with the work of an artisan». And he lets France know that...

27-09-2017 | 07:00
A 100% Italian pastry-making memory from Monday 18

A 100% Italian pastry-making memory from Monday 18th September at Molino Quaglia’s school in Vighizzolo d'Este (Padua), from Franco Aliberti’s Facebook page. He’s chef and pastry-chef at Presef in Mantello (Sondrio), the first to the left. After him, there’s Corrado AssenzaPiero Gabrieli, Chiara Quaglia and Rolando Morandin

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