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The events you cannot miss and all the news of topical interest from the food planet

In the foreground, Hans Neuner, Austrian chef at 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Ocean in the Vila Vita Parc resort in Porches, Algarve, Portugal (photo Stills)

Zanattamente buono

Gabriele Zanatta’s opinion: on establishments, chefs and trends in Italy and the world

Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi

A mouth watering page, published every Sunday in Il Giornale from November 1999 to the autumn of 2010. Stories and personalities that continue to live in this website

Ciccio Sultano and Riccardo Canella, a new couple in the kitchen of Duomo in Ragusa


Reviews, recommendations and trends from Italy, signed by all the authors of Identità Golose

Luca Fantin at the fish market in Tokyo

Dal Mondo

Reviews, recommendations and trends from the four corners of the planet, signed by all the authors of Identità Golose

Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru is a competition on beer used in cooking dedicated to chefs and sous chefs under 35, which this year reached its fourth edition. Davide Del Duca, chef at restaurant Osteria Fernanda in Rome, won the contest with his mini-menu

A tutta birra

The recipes and the best moments of the second edition of Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru

Best Before is a small challenge dedicated to all fine dining professionals. It’s a way to make people think about how much we waste every day in our homes and about the simple, fun and surprising things we can make with a few ingredients close to their use-by date. Today it’s the turn of the great Josean Alija from Nerua in Bilbao

Best Before

Lisa Casali asks chefs and readers to prepare a good recipe with 3 ingredients just before their expiration date

The dining room at restaurant Olo in Helsinki, Finland, one Michelin star (photo

Bowerman around the world

The Apulian-American chef from Glass Hostaria in Rome tells us about her emotions around the world

A sneak peek at the kitchen: Antonino Cannavacciuolo with Gianluca Renzi, in the middle, at work in the kitchen of Cannavacciuolo-Le Cattedrali, the new restaurant inside Le Cattedrali Relais in Valleandona di Asti, Piedmont

Carlo Mangio

An outdoor trip or a journey to the other side of the planet?
One thing is for sure: the destination is delicious, by Carlo Passera

Acrobatics to buy food in Shanghai, today (photo Reuters/Aly Song)

China Grill

Tasty reports from China and the Far East from our collaborator Claudio Grillenzoni

The staff at Locanda La Clusaz after reopening. In the centre, chef Piergiorgio Pellerei, to his right the other chef and business partner, Thierry Buillet, to his right the third partner Alessandro Ménabreaz

Cibi Divini

Restaurants from all the world told in Il Giornale by Paolo Marchi from February 1994 to the winter of 2011. And since the spring, for the readers


Emotional itineraries in the food planet, with unusual visions of unmissable details

Bosque lluvioso, the new, spectacular dessert by Jordi Roca, in the shape of a cloud made of distilled mushrooms that creates a rain on the plate. It is anchored to the plate, or else it would fly away


Previews, personalities and establishments in the sweet side of the food planet

A group photo with all the representatives from East Lombardy at Identità Milano: they were so many that, in order to take the photo, Brambilla-Serrani had to bend backwards on a ladder

East Lombardy

Presenting the excellences of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua

Food writer Joanna Savill, born in England and raised in Australia. Among many others, she collaborates with the Guida di Identità Golose

Fine writers

Stories from the most important food-writers and gourmets

Italian extra virgin olive oil as a gift: a truly precious one, especially this year when, due to bad weather and parasites, production, in our country, was extremely poor. At Christmas, as well as throughout 2015, it will be extremely important to choose the oil to use in our kitchen and on our tables carefully

Frantoio Squadrilli

Themes and characteristics linked to extra virgin olive oil, told by Luciana Squadrilli

Bollito Misto [Mixed boiled meat] is perhaps not the most photogenic dish you could think of. It certainly is a delicacy a gourmand can hardly resist: in this article, food-lovers can find eight restaurants in Milan that are a sure hit

Fuori Expo

Stories, tips and tastings from the city of the 2015 Universal Exposition

The view from restaurant Wolfgat in Paternoster, South Africa, winner of the Restaurant of the year award and the Off the map destination award in the first edition of the World Restaurant Awards, which took place in Paris on the 18th February (photo Sartor)

Giovanna a Capo-tavola

The food world in and near Cape Town told by Giovanna Sartor

In an incredibly short lapse of time, the new Italian anti-waste law, avantgarde in Europe, has become effective. Lisa Casali explains to Identità Golose what it is and how it works. The illustration is by Lisa Casali


Tecniche, ingredienti e iniziative della ristorazione attenta all'ambiente e agli ideali di Expo 2015, viste da Lisa Casali

The 2023 edition of the Identità Golose Guide is available as of this week. Out of a total of 1,070 entries, 180 are absolute novelties

Guida alla Guida

All the news from  Identità Golose's Guida ai Ristoranti d'Italia, Europa e Mondo 

The magnificent view from the terrace of the Danieli hotel in Venice: a few days ago, the news was that Bill Gates was about to buy it, which was later denied


Careful analysis, news and curious facts about the most important hotels and inns in Italy and abroad.

Now the Milanese edition has ended, we return on the rendering images of the future Expo: the World Fair in Dubai (20th October 2020-10th April 2021) aims for a total of 25 million visitors, an exhibition area of 438 hectares, a total daily capacity of 300K people and a daily flow of 153K visitors. Before that, we’ll have Expo 2017 in Astana, a sort of mid-term fair to occur in the capital of Kazakhstan, from 10th June till 10th September 2017

Identità Expo

Activities, ideas and protagonists in Identità Golose's location inside the 2015 World Fair

Identità Golose Milano

Tales and photos from the first International Hub of Gastronomy in Via Romagnosi, 3 in Milan

Davide Franco, Antonio Acquaviva and Clare Smyth on the stage of Identità Milano 2018 (photo Brambilla-Serrani)

IG2018: il fattore umano

Tutto sull’edizione 2018 di Identità Golose, a Milano da sabato 3 a lunedì 5 marzo. Il tema della quattordicesima edizione sarà “Il fattore umano”

Alex Heinz, oenologist at Ornellaia, at Sotheby’s auction house in Milan, on the occasion of the presentation of the 2011 vintage of Vendemmia d’Artista – L’Infinito. Art and wine are ever more intertwined in the strategies of the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi family

In cantina

Stories of men, women and bottles that enrich the galaxy of wine, in Italy and in the world

In libreria

Books and editorial news from the food planet

Amass, restaurant with vegetable garden (photo facebook/amass)

In sala

The public side of a restaurant seen by its protagonists: maître, restaurant managers, waiters

A souvenir photo after the first gala dinner at Identità New York on the last floor of Eataly, inside the Birreria. Standing, in second row, left to right: Fortunato Nicotra, Ugo Alciati, Lidia Bastianich, Carlo Cracco, Davide Scabin and Paolo Marchi. Leaning, again left to right, Vitantonio Lombardo, Denny Imbroisi e Katia Delogu. Right when the photo was taken, Rosanna Marziale was missing

Le nostre cene

The dinners directed by Identità Golose in Italy and abroad, told by those present

A specimen of pecten maximus, the giant scallops from Northern Europe: they have a maximum of 15 cm and 15-17 rays. A precious food, always fashionable, the shells of Saint Jacques are named after the Saint venerated by the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela (photo

Mare Aperto

The truths of the fish world revealed by Antonio Vasile. Against a thousand lies and dangerous commonplaces

Luca Doro with his mother and grandmother. The pizzaiolo from Doro Gourmet in Macerata Campania has now landed in Friuli too, with Impronta Doro in Cervignano (Udine)

Mondo pizza

All the news from the most copied and popular Italian dish in the world

Vegan chef Simone Salvini (here together with Luca Cimini who works with him in the kitchen of the new Lord Bio in Macerata) tells us how after a careful research he has found the right way to make meringues... without eggs. Thanks to legumes’ cooking water


Healthy, natural and vegetarian cuisine

Signals of Identity, the dish presented at Identità Estreme by Roberto Flore of the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen. Beside its delicious appearance, the dish aims at launching a message for the safeguard of our precious ecosystems, whether in the woods or not (photo credits Brambilla/Serrani)

Nordic Food Lab

The most interesting experiments held in the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, housed, since 2009, in a boat moored in front of René Redezpi’s Noma

Passione Gelato

Storie dal mondo del gelato di qualità

The Bridgerton afternoon tea at The Lanesborough, London

Pensa Tè

The universe of the most popular infusion drink and its multiple uses, even in the kitchen

Ricette illustrate

Ingredients on the tip of a pencil, edited by Gianluca Biscalchin

The Miradors at 21 House of Stories Navigli (credits Giovanni Samarini)

Shake & shock

The world of cocktails and bartenders as told by Identità Golose.

MarbledNasello with caviar and buttermilk, a dish from Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 Michelin stars and 19th in the 2018 World's 50Best (photo from Claes Bech Poulsen)

Spotti e mangiati

The establishments, tastes and cooking personalities in Europe, as seen by Gualtero Spotti

Lucia Tellone, at the centre of the small kitchen inside Maeemo in Oslo, Norway, chef Esben Holmboe Bang. Born in Avezzano in 1984, Tellone is at her second important experience after Enrico Bartolini’sDevero

Female chef's life stories

Women who, for a moment, leave pots and pans to tell us their experience and point of view

Since March 2020, David Tamburini is the chef at restaurant Level 36, on the 36th floor of hotel Ana Crowne Plaza in Kobe, on the Bay of Osaka

Chefs' life stories

Men who, for a moment, leave pots and pans to tell us their experience and point of view

The Pavilion of Japan, almost at the eastern edge of Expo, two floors designed by architect Atsushi Kitagawara: it is made with 17K pieces of wood, fitted so as to let natural light filter through. Conceived to highlight the concept of harmonious diversity, it welcomes 8K visitors per day, on average. The goal is to reach a total of 2 million by the end of the World Fair

Tutto Expo

Our 2015 World Fair Hotline