Identità Golose

Identità Golose 33

When Ferran Adrià went on the stage of Identità Milano for the first time, in Ja [...]
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Identità Golose 32

At Identità Golose we have always felt the need to build a closer relationship with those who love great cuisine without knowing Italian language. Today it’s unavoidable to be able to interact in English. But it’s not a joke to translate [...]
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Identità Golose 31

Here’s the last report of the fourth edition of Identità Golose, Milan. It was an extraordinary day, starred by British chefs and pastry-chefs, with the exception of Sat Bains, who was on stage 2 days before. So many emotions given by each of th [...]
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Identità Golose 30

Here’s the report of the third day of Milan’s Identità Golose 2008, a day opened by Lidia and Joe Bastianich, two members of one of the greatest family on the whole world restaurant scene. In the meantime we’re setting up the next events: from [...]
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Identità Golose 29

Last monday january 28th, Identità Golose day 2, the Alajmo brothers, Massimiliano and Raffaele from Rubano-Padua’s Calandre, sent a message to Italian politicians in order to make them realize how important gastronomy is for Italy’s prestige an [...]
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Identità Golose 28

The fourth edition of Identità Golose, international congress of fine cuisine, took place last 27-31 January at Palazzo Mezzanotte, in Milan. Four days really busy on two different stages with plenty of great feelings, positive emotions, vibrant ene [...]
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Identità Golose 27

You never have to stop. Never have to rejoice at the successes you had, no matter how great they are. Ideas, living with new ideas and historical certainties. Thinking big between Milan, Italy and the World, that is the common thread of the fourth e [...]
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