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Autoctona, Vatti's project goes beyond Radicondoli

The pizzaiolo opened a shop selling delicacies, from bread to pizza, including pre-cooked pizza to finish at home. And preserves, sauces, canned meals... All these products are also available in local shops

30-04-2021 | 11:00
The round pizzas from Tommaso Vatti at Autocto

The round pizzas from Tommaso Vatti at Autoctona in Radincondoli (Siena)

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Officine del Cibo, pizza meets the cuisine of Liguria

Discovering the restaurant of Giacomo Devoto. He tests techniques and toppings, offering also some interesting tastings that blend tradition and modernity

23-04-2021 | 11:00
A slice of the pizza

A slice of the pizza "all'antica", or sardenaria, or "all'Andrea", or piscialandrea whatever you prefer: this is one of the delicacies offered at Officine del Cibo in Sarzana. Photos from Stefano Caffarri

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The revolution of Trecentogradi in Corigliano Calabro

Visiting the restaurant of Alessandro Plastina, a pupil of Bosco: a project with a young spirit based on a young team, but following the format of the old-style shop

16-04-2021 | 11:00
Pizza in the baking tin at Trecentogradi in Cori

Pizza in the baking tin at Trecentogradi in Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza)

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Mama: if bread is the source (of pizza too)

Pane Quaglia in Lendinara (Rovigo) is a multifunctional place with a shop selling delicacies and a kitchen too. There's bread, various dishes, cakes, burgers, pizza... And take away

09-04-2021 | 11:00
Steamed pizza with tomato, burrata and basil oil 

Steamed pizza with tomato, burrata and basil oil from Mama in Lendinara (Rovigo)

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Lello Ravagnan's new bakery

It was meant to be "only" a lab where to pursue his research, but the pandemic then shuffled all the cards. It's now Labakery, making fresh bread, pizza and cakes for take away and delivery

02-04-2021 | 11:00
Lello Ravagnan's Labakery in Grigoris, Zel

Lello Ravagnan's Labakery in Grigoris, Zelarino (Venice)

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Once upon a time... the nice fairy-tale of Madremia in Avellino

Giovanni Arvonio's pizzeria in Sirignano (Avellino) stands out in terms of lightness, personality and love for the territory

15-03-2021 | 11:00
Pizza Nocciola from Giovanni Arvonio, patron at

Pizza Nocciola from Giovanni Arvonio, patron at Pizzeria Madremia in Sirignano (Avellino). The photos are from @ComuniCARE network

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Spicchi d'arte, what a pizza in Tricase!

Thick edge and super-topping: in Salento, discovering the nice project of Ippazio Ricchiuto and his team

08-03-2021 | 11:00
The team at Spicchi d’arte, pizzeria in Tricase

The team at Spicchi d’arte, pizzeria in Tricase (Lecce). From the top left corner, in the red shirt Simona FerraroStefano MorettoAlessandra RizzoDavide SignorileChiara SabatoMatteo Ventura. In the middle, left to right: Giorgio SciurtiStefania Vantaggiato, owner Ippazio Ricchiuto. At the bottom, left to right: Luca BleveDanilo D’Aversa and Federico Paiano

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