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Oh, we love Luca Doro: pizza and love in Macerata Campania (but now also near Udine!)

Among the best interpreters of that portion of Campania called Terra di Lavoro, the pizzaiolo from Caserta has fascinating agricultural-gourmet style. Here is why. Plus some notes on his new Impronta Doro in Cervignano del Friuli

23-05-2023 | 11:00
Luca Doro with his mother and grandmother. The pi

Luca Doro with his mother and grandmother. The pizzaiolo from Doro Gourmet in Macerata Campania has now landed in Friuli too, with Impronta Doro in Cervignano (Udine)

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Nancy Silverton and Franco Pepe: Authentic emotion

The much-loved Californian chef and pizza maker was the guest of Authentica, the special room at Pepe In Grani, in Caiazzo, for a four-handed dinner balancing Italy and the United States

19-05-2023 | 17:00
Nancy Silverton was the guest of Franco Pepe and h

Nancy Silverton was the guest of Franco Pepe and his Pepe In Grani, for the Authentica 10 dinner series, celebrating ten years since the pizzeria's opening (2012-2022)

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The 'new all-time pizzeria': Mani in Pasta triples in Via Procida 1, in Milan

From a take-away pizzeria to a warm and cosy place, the third for the Milanese high quality pizza group conceived by owner and group member Andrea Villani, with whom we retrace a tasty story full of dough and imagination...

05-11-2022 | 11:00
The pizza at Mani in Pasta, pizzeria in Milan: thr

The pizza at Mani in Pasta, pizzeria in Milan: three locations in total, the latest in Via Giovanni da Procida 1

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Flegrea: the temple of Neapolitan pizza in Torino focusing on digestibility and excellent raw materials

Finding new ways, without losing sight of a basic simplicity. The restaurant focuses on high standards and new trends, but never forsaking tradition. And there's great attention to gluten-free too

11-06-2021 | 11:00
One of the pizzas from Flegrea, since 1976

One of the pizzas from Flegrea, since 1976 "the" Neapolitan pizzeria of Torino. Today, it is run by friends and business partners Enrique Jiménez González and Gianluca Poggio, with Marco Venere by the peel 

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Wide range, balance and creativity: the winning recipe of the high-altitude pizza at El Gringo in Calalzo di Cadore

In the restaurant surrounded by the mountains, in Veneto, patron-pizzaiolo Livio Mancini stands out thanks to his research on dough and raw materials. The result is excellent...

04-06-2021 | 11:00
Since 2012 Livio Mancini is patron and pizzaiol

Since 2012 Livio Mancini is patron and pizzaiolo at El Gringo in Calalzo di Cadore, Belluno. Pizza Mari e monti is one of the pizzas he made for his 80’s Pizza Challenge

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Ilaria Puddu and the secrets of a small empire of pizza (awarded by the Guida Identità Golose 2021)

Marghe, Giolina, Crocca, Pizzium (and pastry shop Gelsomina) all belong to the same group, awarded by Identità. The secret? «Creating different services, atmospheres, and types of dough»

28-05-2021 | 11:00
Ilaria Puddu with Stefano Saturnino and Nanni

Ilaria Puddu with Stefano Saturnino and Nanni Arbellini is responsible for the brand of pizzerias MargheGiolinaCroccaPizzium and of pastry shop Gelsomina (photo Onstage Studio)

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The (almost) 100 pizzerias in the Guida IG 2021: a record that shows the big leap pizza has made in quality

The number of reviewed pizzerias continues to grow across Italy. A boom in the last 4 years, with as many as 12 new entries in our 2021 "census", from Piedmont to Sicily...

21-05-2021 | 11:00
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