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Restaurants from all the world told in Il Giornale by Paolo Marchi from February 1994 to the winter of 2011. And since the spring, for the readers

At Arca in Alba Adriatica there’s room for the most curious food lovers

Opened by Massimiliano Capretta in 1998, in the early days it was a macrobiotic restaurant that few people understood, because too ahead of its times. The success is arriving now thanks to his sister Dalila, to chef Edoardo Massari and to more and more co

20-08-2022 | 11:00
Omega 3, sapid and intense Spaghetti with black ga

Omega 3, sapid and intense Spaghetti with black garlic, oil, and chilli pepper, chlorophyll of parsley and anchovies, from chef Massimiliano Capretta at Arca in Alba Adriatica, Teramo

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A nice new place in Ortezzano: Sebastiani

In the historic centre of a small town near Fermo, Carlo Sebastiani has opened a new restaurant on the 2nd of June, where he offers a substantial and inspired cuisine. And there's his dog Zac too...

17-09-2021 | 11:00
Carlo Sebastiani, Alice Vannicola and Maicol Pa

Carlo SebastianiAlice Vannicola and Maicol Pasquali in front of the entrance of restaurant da Sebastiani in Ortezzano, in the province of Fermo, opened on the 2nd of June 2021

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Enzo Di Pasquale charmed me once again in his new restaurant

The chef opened Aprudia in Giulianova, challenging those who said he was a crazy entrepreneur. But there's lots of goodness in his dishes

30-10-2020 | 10:00
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Ventall, traditional cuisine from the 21st century

Sabor, the Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum in in Ibiza, shed light on the cotemporary elegance of 37-year-old chef José Miguel Bonet

24-04-2019 | 10:00
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Bistrot 900 and the vital lymph of Abruzzo

Enzo Di Pasquale and his unique way of presenting his original, imitation-free cuisine in Giulianova

25-01-2019 | 10:00
Veal liver, fermented portulaca, pink prawns and l

Veal liver, fermented portulaca, pink prawns and liquorice from Enzo di Pasquale at Bistrot 900 in Giulianova, Teramo

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Balobino, the nice story of 5 siblings

In Sant'Urbano near Padua, the Quaglias run an inspired osteria. Maura, the youngest, shines between dining room and kitchen

19-12-2018 | 06:00
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Italian cuisine according to Ducasse

In Paris the new Cucina Mutualité, a trattoria guided by Matteo Lorenzini, is shining. His risotto deserves an A+

18-12-2018 | 13:00
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