Cibi Divini

Restaurants from all the world told in Il Giornale by Paolo Marchi from February 1994 to the winter of 2011. And since the spring, for the readers

La Clusaz is once again a guarantee

Three partners reopened this mouth-watering, historic inn between Aosta and the Gran San Bernardo in 2021, including the historic chef, Piergiorgio Pellerei. The menu is a kaleidoscope of flavours and tastes, even from the sea

The staff at Locanda La Clusaz after reopening. In

The staff at Locanda La Clusaz after reopening. In the centre, chef Piergiorgio Pellerei, to his right the other chef and business partner, Thierry Buillet, to his right the third partner Alessandro Ménabreaz

Hazama, a bewitching Kaiseki cuisine

Chef Satoshi Hazama opened a restaurant in Milan in 2020 that serves one of the highest forms of Japanese cuisine. Seven courses in all, very thoughtful even in the choice of colours, not just ingredients and techniques

The future of Italy belongs to Caranchini as well

The patron of Materia in Cernobbio, Chef of the year for Identità, at 33 is only at the beginning of his career which will leave a mark thanks to the rare gift of matching impossible ingredients and complex techniques, making them seeming simple

Evo, the evolution of flavour according to Matarrese

There’s a chef called Gianvito in Alberobello who reinterprets local traditions and products with his creativity and a deep love for olive oil, extra virgin. And Futura is a tribute to the Ambasciatori del gusto and their president Gilmozzi

The House of Ronin is now complete thanks to omakase

Milan is more and more Japanese with the arrival of master Katsu Nakaji. Forget the sushi you’re used to. His sushi follows a well-defined line that makes soy sauce and chopsticks useless. The last service will be on the 25th of March

Katsu Nakaji at the omakase at House of Ronin in

Katsu Nakaji at the omakase at House of Ronin in Milan

At Arca in Alba Adriatica there’s room for the most curious food lovers

Opened by Massimiliano Capretta in 1998, in the early days it was a macrobiotic restaurant that few people understood, because too ahead of its times. The success is arriving now thanks to his sister Dalila, to chef Edoardo Massari and to more and more co

Omega 3, sapid and intense Spaghetti with black ga

Omega 3, sapid and intense Spaghetti with black garlic, oil, and chilli pepper, chlorophyll of parsley and anchovies, from chef Massimiliano Capretta at Arca in Alba Adriatica, Teramo