Shellfish ceviche

Gastón Acurio

20 g of lobster
1 lobster claw
20 g of spiny lobster
4 prawns
2 langoustines
3 orange segments
2 grapefruit segments
1 bunch of grapes
¼ of a kiwi
10 g of red onion
1 fresh chili pepper
fish stock
10 g of scallop mayonnaise.
10 g of chili pepper paste
20 g of red pepper paste
40 ml of leche de tigre
½ g of salt
½ a lemon
a variety of shoots/sprouts



Clean the shellfish and set the prawn and langoustine carcasses to one side. Blanche the lobster claw and keep the carcasses. Clean the spiny lobster in the same way.


Prepare the grapefruit and orange segments, cut the kiwi, divide the bunch of grapes in two and separate the grapes from the stalk.
Prepare the stock with the shellfish carcasses (langoustines and prawns). For the scallop mayonnaise, blend the scallops with some oil and a little ice to obtain a texture similar to mayonnaise and store in the fridge.

Mix the chili pepper paste with the red pepper paste. Take a bowl and place the shellfish in it, dressing them with salt, lemon and a little leche di tigre.

Mix the scallop mayonnaise with the chili pepper paste, the fish stock and the red pepper paste; dress with lemon, a little leche di tigre and a pinch of salt.

Arrange the fruit segments on a serving plate and place the shellfish on top. Drizzle over the leche di tigre and fish stock and garnish with the red onion, fresh chili pepper and sprouts.