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Bob Noto and Torino Buonissima

From the 25th to the 29th of October, Torino hosts the third edition of an event focused on the creativity and the memory of Bob Noto, to whom his wife Antonella dedicates a book

Richard Juhlin and his new book Champagne Magnum Opus, the real Champagne Bible

350 pages of research, tastings and descriptions from one of the top experts in the Champagne world... so much so he can recognise over 13’000 bottles in a blind tasting

"Le Stelle Michelin in Italia", here's the book that says it all (with a preface from Paolo Marchi)

A few days ago we presented at Identità Golose Milano the new book written and published by Manfredi Maretti. A unique and unmissable publication for anyone who wants to know the past and present of the best Italian restaurants

There's a new France that loves Italy

Journalist François-Régis Gaudry, in On va déguster l’Italie, collected the excellences that are making the French change their mind on Italy, starting from fine dining

When does a dish matter?

Global cuisine told through 240 recipes, with exceeding attention to the Anglo-Saxon world. There's even pineapple pizza, but not Margherita sbagliata

Riccardo Camanini and his Cacio e pepe in vescica

Riccardo Camanini and his Cacio e pepe in vescica (bladder)

Coffee Sapiens: Adrià and Lavazza, exploring the frontiers of coffee

The book was presented in Milan, the first step of the mighty upcoming Bullipedia. «We share the virus of innovation»

Ferran Adrià and Giuseppe Lavazza at the prese

Ferran Adrià and Giuseppe Lavazza at the presentation of Coffee Sapiens, a few days ago in Milan

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