Cold fusion

Giuseppe Rambaldi

Sheet of lemon and lime
10 limes
10 lemons
100 g of sugar syrup
lemon sugar
mint liqueur
mint/liquorice sweets
1 kiwi
1 orange
raspberry jelly

4 eggs
1 vanilla pod
100 g of cream

1 blackberry
2 blueberries
10 g of tonic water jelly
¼ of an alchechengi
2/4 strawberries
2 half raspberries
1 piece of pineapple
mint leaves
5 meringues
powdered coconut
60 g of sparkling water


Sheet of lemon and lime
Squeeze the limes and lemons and add the juices together with the sugar syrup. Place the mixture in a vacuum bag (23 x 26 cm) and freeze to obtain a sheet.
Cut the citrus sheets using an 11 cm ring cutter, making 4 0.5 cm thick discs. Place each disc on a piece of baking paper and put in the freezer. Leave to cool and place on each disc: a sprinkling of lemon sugar, a pinch of ginger, a drop of mint liqueur, a pinch of sweets, 2 balls of kiwi, 2 pieces of orange and a piece of raspberry jelly.
Return to the freezer.

Make the vanilla cream, infusing a piece of vanilla pod in the cream.
Separate the 4 yolks from the whites and arrange them on a baking tray covered with a bed of sugar. Cover the yolks with more sugar and leave to marinate for 9-10 hours. After this time, make an incision on the side of each yolk using a scalpel. Empty the liquid to obtain a very fine egg yolk "container". Fill it with the vanilla cream using a syringe without a needle. Coat the yolks in the sugar once more and lay them on baking paper.

Take the discs out of the freezer and arrange the fruit on top with all the other ingredients. Place the filled egg yolk in the middle of the disc. At the table, pour the sparkling water onto the plate.