IG2018: il fattore umano

Tutto sull’edizione 2018 di Identità Golose, a Milano da sabato 3 a lunedì 5 marzo. Il tema della quattordicesima edizione sarà “Il fattore umano”

Potatoes, carrots and two Italians: dining at Clare Smyth’s

With the chef from Core, in London, there’s restaurant manager Davide Franco and Antonio Acquaviva in the kitchen, both born in Puglia in 1986

Davide Franco, Antonio Acquaviva and Clare Smyth

Davide Franco, Antonio Acquaviva and Clare Smyth on the stage of Identità Milano 2018 (photo Brambilla-Serrani)

Paco Torreblanca: less is more

The lesson by the great Spanish pastry chef featured an essential dessert, a tribute to Langhe and Kandinskij

Disfrutar, technique and enjoyment

During the lesson in Milan, the Catalan trio presented Oc'oo, a Korean tool with endless features

Yannick Alléno and the love for pasta

The French chef worth 6 Michelin stars and his tribute to Italy, in two dishes dedicated to our emblematic ingredient

At Identità Milano, French cuisine superstar Yan

At Identità Milano, French cuisine superstar Yannick Alléno participated in Identità di Pasta, in collaboration with Pastificio Felicetti. He also held a lesson in the Auditorium, and on this occasion too, he presented a pasta-based dish

Gaggan: the human factor is food itself

The Indian chef was a star at the congress – with a food cost of 95% and an invitation: «don't lose your dream»

Gaggan Anand at Identità Milano 2018 (photo Br

Gaggan Anand at Identità Milano 2018 (photo Brambilla-Serrani)

Paolo Lopriore and his creative combination for a convivial table

The chef presents a dish with 103 variations, for a «new frontier that also recuperates homely gestures»

Paolo Lopriore’s lesson at Identità Milano 201

Paolo Lopriore’s lesson at Identità Milano 2018

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