Identità Los Angeles 2018

The first edition is scheduled Friday October 5th and Saturday October 6th at Eataly LA

Time for Identità America. As usual, it’s scheduled in the autumn, in October, but there’s an important news: the debut in Los Angeles. We’re moving West, as per tradition for the American people. From Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd October there will be the 9th edition of Identità New York, again at Eataly Flatiron. Then after a 24-hour break, it will be the turn of Los Angeles and California. On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th, again in collaboration with Eataly, we’ll debut on the West Coast.

Two metropolises, two different worlds and hence two different themes. In New York we’ll focus on the Human Factor, the theme of this year’s extremely successful edition of Identità Golose in Milan. In an era dominated by intense economic and political tension, and by such a widespread use of communication on social networks that too often this leads to losing touch with people, nourishing human relationships, at work as well as at home and in one’s free time becomes more and more precious and revolutionary. No technology will ever be able to replace a real relationship between people. Of course finding time to speak and discuss is becoming more and more difficult, because we easily escape reality and hide into the virtual, but when you do catch someone else’s attention, it’s incredible.

All this, as interpreted through food, will be discussed by Italian and foreign chefs. In Los Angeles, instead, everything during both the lessons and the dinner event will focus on Fire, the most ancient source of heat known to man.

Before that, however, there will be New York and the Human Factor. For the first time, lessons will be held by one chef at a time, unlike the previous editions when we had an Italian and a foreign together. In our opinion, the Italian contemporary restaurant scene has grown so much, that our speakers can act as main characters even when they’re far away from Italy, thanks to the strong interest paid to those who go beyond famous and old stereotypes.

On Monday October, 1st everything will begin with a seminar led by Chefs Franco Pepe and Lello Ravagnan called Nord e Sud Italia: L’Eterna Magia della Pizza Tricolore. When it comes to pizza, these chefs are the right people to speak to. Thanks to Pepe’s pizzas, he has placed the small town of Caiazzo, near Caserta, on the map of the world. On the other hand, Ravagnan, from pizzeria Grigoris, is passionately devoted to telling story with his pizza. It is a good thing that we used the word “Italian” because pizza is a global masterpiece and there’s more than one interpretation. 
One the same day Virgilio Martinez, the most acclaimed Peruvian chef in the past few years, capable of presenting Peru through all its facets and cultures, will also take part. 

Tuesday 2nd Massimo Bottura, in his case it would be pointless to add anything. However, at Identità we’ll never forget that night, in June 2016, when he won the World’s 50 Best Restaurantsin New York. Returning to Manhattan with him, and Italy again at the top of the world, acquires a special importance, confirming the great work that many are doing to keep Italian beauty and taste up to date. Rice, Risotto and Incredible Surprises will be the topic of the lesson held by Cristina Bowerman, patron-chef in Rome, and president of the Associazione Italiana Ambasciatori del Gusto, a cook capable of interpreting tradition and innovation in every way and to every degree.

Wednesday 3rd October fifth and last lesson: Carlo Cracco and The Extraordinary world of Italian Pasta.Last winter he opened his main restaurant in the Octagon of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Milanese sitting room by definition. Though Cracco is a synonym of rice, when he works with pasta he can strike with as much vigour and competence.

On the same day, in the evening, there will be the Dine Around 2018 dinner event with a welcome by Massimo Bottura, followed by Virgilio Martinez, Franco PepeCarlo CraccoFrancesco Mazzei and Cristina Bowerman who will take care of the sweet conclusion. Lidia Bastianich will be the patron of the entire evening, a honour for all of us.

From one coast to the other, on the 5th and 6th October, a journey to tame fire and give a contemporary approach to the most ancient form of cooking in the world. Massimo BotturaCarlo Cracco and Franco Pepe will join us in Los Angeles too. Three speakers for as many lessons. The patron-chef from Osteria Francescana in Modena will give a lesson by himself, while Cracco will share the stage with Corrado Assenza, the most surprising pastry chef in Italy, thanks to his constant celebration of nature. Assenza and Cracco will create a duet on the topic of Sweet pasta and savoury pasta. Pepe will instead duet with Marco Stabile from Ora d’Aria in Florence, famous for his steak which was defined as La Bistecca Perfetta [The Perfect Steak] after taking part in a contest for the best possible Florentine steak. According to the jury, it was his. Pepe and Stabile will speak of Pizza and Grill. A surprising but successful pair.

The event in Los Angeles will end on Saturday 6th October with a dinner at restaurant Terra with Carlo Cracco, Franco Pepe, Lello Ravagnan, Marco Stabile and Corrado Assenza. Again, Lidia Bastianich, an ambassador of Italian taste in America, will act as patron.

Paolo Marchi
Creator and curator of Identità Golose

The program

Friday, October 5th
12pm-2pm seminar with Massimo Bottura @Pizza&Pasta Restaurant
6pm-8pm seminar with Corrado Assenza and Carlo Cracco @La Scuola  - Sweet and savoury pasta 

Saturday, october 6th
12pm-2pm seminar with Franco Pepe and Marco Stabile @La Scuola – Pizza and Grill

Dinner @ Terra:

"Fire" theme will be interpreted by chefs Carlo Cracco, Franco Pepe, Lello Ravagnan, Marco Stabile, Corrado AssenzaLidia Bastiniach will be the patron of the entire evening.