Blood pudding and popped buckwheat

One classic homemade boudin noir
Buckwheat grains or groats, untoasted with the husks attached
Golden raisins softened in apple vinegar
Granny smith apples stewed until soft (under vacuum works well)
Celery root, prepared as a puree

Break open the boudin and stew softly over low heat until it is cooked through yet remains juicy and aromatic.
Fry the buckwheat grouts in olive oil until they pop like popcorns and then drain on paper towels. Remove the husks that come off in the frying process.
To finish, place a small amount of the celery root puree, the apples and the raisins, with some of the raisin juice at the bottom of a bowl. Spoon a good amount of the broked boudin on top of the winter fruit and vegetable. Garnish the top with the popped buckwheat and sea salt.