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Gino Fabbri Passticcere

via Cadriano, 27/2a
40127 Bologna

It wouldn't take much to present Gino Fabbri. In fact, it would take very little. It would suffice to mention his role as president of the Accademia Maestri Pasticcieri Italiani which he inherited in 2011 from its founder Iginio Massari to understand his place in the Gotha of Italian fine pastries. But, at the same time, it would be reductive to speak of Fabbri only by associating him to the most respected role among those whose existence is surrounded by sugar, flour, yeast and sacs a poche. The reason can be found in the pastry-shop in Castenaso, a village near Bologna where he was born in 1951, and where in the summer of his 13th year he first experienced the aromas that never left his life. A sort of ancestral call that convinced him soon that he had found his road marked not by good intentions, but by pastry dough and sponge cakes, creams, chocolate and panettoni. All, in a way or another, heirs of the doughnut his grandmother would make him as a child.

Of course, a young man with such high hopes found his village too small. So in 1982 he moved with his wife Morena to Bologna, far from the centre, to open La caramella, a pastry shop that is now called Gino Fabbri Pasticcere. «Never stop dreaming», Gino often repeats, a smile appearing behind his peculiar moustache. After all, he has made quite a few dreams come true, always raising the stakes. While becoming a member of Ampi thanks to the support of Massari and Zoia, in 1996, made him touch the ski, in 2000 his Jubilee Cake gave him the chance to meet John Paul II. In 2009 he was nominated by his colleagues Pastry-chef of the year and in 2015, less than a decade later, when he was already president, he started to lead the team made by Emanuele Forcone, Francesco Boccia and Fabrizio Donatone that won the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie at Sirha in Lyon.

What illuminates the star of Gino Fabbri, or of the Fabbri family, since now in the elegant shop in Via Cadrian there are also Morena and their daughters Viviana and Valeria working with him, is pastry-making experienced as a daily commitment. A pastry-shop for which the people of Bologna and beyond are willing to travel that extra mile: brioches and croissants made with sourdough and high quality ingredients; mignon and single-portion cakes; rice cakes and savouries; veneziane in every season of the year with panettone and colomba; biscuits and the extraordinary unmissable tiramisu... His social commitment is also not-to-be-missed: not everyone will fly to Mozambique to teach the kids from Cremedoce De Fronteira, an ice-cream laboratory with a school where they teach pastry, bread and gelato making, opened in 2019 thanks to his support too.

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