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Angelo Biscotti

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Chef with varied experiences, ranging from banqueting and receptions to teaching at the Boscolo Etoile Academy, Angelo Biscotti, for quite some time, has been one of the “hot” names when it comes to health-oriented food. Among the many subjects in which he’s an expert, he teaches the basics of Italian and international cuisine, creative vegetarian cuisine as well as meat and fish cooking, prestigious buffets - thanks to their new trend - and meat processing and cooking techniques, as well as special marinating, smoking and preserving techniques.

His creed, as demonstrated also on television during his participation in popular TV programmes such as Mattino Cinque, envisages the use of healthy and therapeutic products, without renouncing to anything, because of this choice. He often works with raw ingredients, in view of the fact that in many cases cooking spoils the unique characteristics of a product. This is why, among his emblematic dishes, it is worth remembering the Salted codfish cooked at low temperature, in oil-cooking, or the Salmon marinated with citrus fruits, with an açai berries dressing.

In the last few months, together with doctor-nutritionist Silvio Spinelli and entrepreneur Marzio Nocchi from Bergamo, Angelo Biscotti has prepared the ambitious Amati! Project, which foresees the opening of a series of restaurants (the first of which in London) focused on nutritional aspects and with a menu including only healthy recipes: the restaurants will be organised following the cooking-show format, with a team of eight cooks, guided by a nutritionist-chef, always at work in front of the clientele.

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