Vitantonio Lombardo

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Vitantonio Lombardo Ristorante

via Madonna delle Virtù, 13/14


Vitantonio Lombardo, born in 1979, left his hometown in Basilicata at the age of 15 to dedicate himself to his passion for food and restaurants. Together with him, he took a suitcase full of memories, namely the traditional recipes he learnt from his grandmother, the family cook.

He thus had the opportunity to grow in the kitchens of extraordinary professionals who were capable of transmitting him talent and elegance. Many important meetings marked the early experience of Vitantonio Lombardo.

While in Bagno di Romagna he learnt from Paolo Teverini the necessary ingredients to give elegance to a dish, the meeting with other chefs were no less important: he learnt to respect raw materials from Silver Succi, to understand the territory from Gianfranco Vissani, the use of cooking techniques from Fabio Barbaglini and finally creativity from Davide Scabin.

The whole heritage acquired over more than ten years of experience across Italy was then put to use by Lombardo at Locanda Severino, where he arrived since its opening in January 2009 as chef and then became the owner in February 2012.

Tradition, which he had put in the background during his training years, is now fully drawn from in his menus, though it is wisely mixed with modern techniques, a natural vocation for lightness and a careful attention to seasonality. Thanks to his commitment and his talent, he had many satisfactions, including the first Michelin star received in 2012.

Vitantonio Lombardo recently dedicated his Pizza in black to one of his masters, namely Davide Scabin. It’s a pizza with a black dough, thanks to the use of vegetal charcoal, a tribute to the famous Black is Black dish - spaghetti with squid ink with a carbonara made with squid ink and caviar – by the chef and patron of

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