Fish With Açaí

Fish skin 500g
Sea salt 150g
Water 500ml
Sea Salt Flakes Qb
Oil 2 L


Açaí 100g
Lemon 2 unid
Sal qb
Pimenta Qb

Açaí flour

Cassava 500g
Açaí 200g


Make a brine and let the fish skin for 20 mins.
Poach the fish skin in boiling water, remove from water and wipe excess flesh of the fish.
Place in a dehydrator (may be one of those residential) by 65 º C for 1h30min. Remove of the dehydrator and fry in oil at 180 º c to "burst". Dry on paper towel and sprinkle with fleur de sel.

Mix all the ingredients and set aside.

Açaí flour
Process the açaí with manioc. Remove from processor and crush the dough in a clean cloth to remove all liquid. Pass the dough through a sieve and cook the flour in a frying pan slowly, drying even turn into a crunch flour.

On a plate, place spoons of açaí, pieces of fish torresmo, sprinkle with açaí flour and serve.