Wild Hare, Chocolate, Watercress and Birch Sap

Sat Bains


For 2 people

1 saddle of wild hare – boned out
15 Japanese breadcrumbs – toasted
1 lemon
1 lime
1 orange
Schezuan pepper
sea salt
10 g bitter 99% choc
250 g wild and young watercress shoots
birch sap syrup
10 g butter
50 ml hare stock
10 g olive oil



Roast the saddles of wild hare- rare- seasoned with Sea Salt and Schezuan Pepper.

Blanch 150g of watercress in salted water – refresh in salted ice water and puree.

Heat up hare stock, add 10g butter and 5g bitter choc with a couple of drops of birch sap.

For citrus breadcrumbs – toast Japanese breadcrumbs in 5g butter, grate lemon, lime, orange and drain.

On a plate, carve the hare into nuggets. Season watercress with citrus breadcrumbs, birch sap and olive oil.
Couple of drops of watercress puree and grate some frozen bitter choc over whole dish.
Pour a couple of drops of birch sap around and over hare.
To finish, drizzle some sauce around and over hare.