Potato noddles with pecorino soup and seaweed

Christian Puglisi

For 4 people

4 medium sized marabele potatoes
2 l water
60 g seasalt
80 strands of red algae rinsed
Clarified butter

250 g pecorino
100 g water

20 pieces of sea lettuce 5cm x 5cm
600 g pear vinegar
300 g water

300 g Clarified butter
12g Dehydrated seaweed powder


Dissolve 60g salt in 2000g water and set aside. Peel potatoes and rinse in water to remove excess starch. Cut potato on japanese turning slicer with juliene blade to make long noodle strands of potato. Place potato in sous vide bag with the salt brine and vacuum all the way. Set in fridge for 24 hours.

After 24 hours strain off the brine. Divide the potato into 20g. Spread each bundle into long lines. Brush with clarified butter and set 5 pieces of red algae along the line. With tweezers roll the potato from one end to the other forming a tight bundle. Repeat this with all the lines resulting 12 potato bundles.

Pecorino soup
Blend cheese and water in thermomix for 3 minutes on 60C strain and set in small pot. Keep wam

Pickled Seaweed
Mix water and pear vinegar, seat aside. Wash seaweed thouroghly then place in the vinger brine. Let set for 1 minute then take out each piece and spread on parchment paper.

Seaweed butter
to make seaweed powder dehrydrate seaweed at 65C overnight and blend to fine powder is achieve. Heat up clarified butter then add in the measured amount of seaweed, stir well and set in warm place.

Plate Presentation
Place potatoes bundles into bamboo steamers and steam for 3 mins. Meanwhile dress 5 pieces of pickled sea weed around the the center circle of the bowl. Once potato is finished place 3 bundles tightly in the center of each bowl. Add 6 TBSP of pecorino soup then spoon some of the seaweed butter on the potato and pecorino soup. Finish with a touch of salt on each potato bundle.