Puff of iced seawater

Red mullet whitebait with oregano ice-cream, kombu seaweed and Etna sour cherry syrup

Corrado Assenza

For 8 people

For the whitebait
100 g of red mullet whitebait
15 g of chili-flavoured Mielarò (aromatised honey)
20 g of ginger-flavoured Mielarò
10 g of Furgentini extra virgin olive oil

For the kombu seaweed
30 g of kombu seaweed
500 g of low-salt still mineral water

For the oregano ice-cream (minimum doses suitable for processing in a professional machine)
1 l of fresh whole milk
240 g of sugar
60 g of dextrose
100 g of cream
200 g of frozen fresh oregano extract (oregano paste and sugar processed in a roller refiner; store in the freezer to prevent it from oxidising)
20 g of orange blossom honey
6 g of carob flour
2 g of whole sea salt

For the garnish
Etna sour cherry syrup
seedless chili powder
unrefined whole sea salt


Clean the whitebait very carefully. Place the other ingredients in a bowl and mix. Add the whitebait and leave to soak for 10 minutes in the fridge, covering with Clingfilm.

For the kombu seaweed
Bring the water to the boil in a small pan, drop in the seaweed and cook for 10 minutes without boiling, so that it softens. Dry with kitchen paper and cut into fine strips.

For the ice-cream
Weigh and mix the dry ingredients; then do the same with the liquids. Add the dry ingredients to the liquids and mix thoroughly using a whisk. Add the frozen oregano extract just before pouring into the ice-cream maker. Mix thoroughly and stir.
Take out of the machine and store in the freezer.

Drain the whitebait using a Chinoise sieve. Mix it gently with the seaweed, using a fork. Place on a plate and add a small ball of ice-cream. Decorate with a drop of Etna sour cherry syrup, a sprinkling of seedless chili pepper and a few grains of whole sea salt.