Turnips with sheep yogurt mousse and nasturtian leaves

Christian Puglisi

For 4 people

20 Baby Turnips scrubbed and washed
80 Nastursian Leaves
50 ml olive oil
250 g sheeps yoghurt
155 g cream
1 1/4 sheets gelantine


Sheep yogurt Mousse
Melt gelatin in 1/3 of cream. When melted stir in the rest of the cream and yogurt.
Pour mixture into siphon and charge with one siphon charger. Shake gently, mousse should just hold shape when dispersed and not be to aerated.

Blanch turnips in salted water. Timing varies on sizes, start with one minute as reference. Turnips should be just cooked through with an al dente bite. Chill in ice water after blanching.

Pick nastursian leaves with 2.5cm of stem left on. Wash leaves and dry on paper towel.

Plate presentation
Place turnips in middle of plate, try to keep it fairly flat. Season with salt and a few drops of olive oil.
Disperse mousse directly center of the turnips, gently lift as you squeeze allowing a dome to form on top of the turnips. Place Nastursians with stem side up starting from the sides working towards the top till mousse is no longer visible. Drizzle with a small amount of olive oil and season with salt.