Rutabaga with Pork bouillon and Oregano

Christian Puglisi

For 4 people

1 Large Rutabaga
300g pork glaze
300g chicken glaze
75g reduced white wine
60g Oregano leaves
250g butter
1000g water
1g xanthan gum


Peel rutabaga, place rutabaga in japanese rotating slicer and cut large sheets of rutabaga resembling sheets of pasta. Cut the sheets into long strips of 6cm x 20cm. Set aside.

Pork bouillon
Melt pork glaze and chicken glaze in a small pot. Add reduce wine. Sauce should have a light meaty flavour with an acidic finish add more wine if neccessary. Heat and set aside.

Butter emulsion
Heat water to 90C then blend with butter and xanthan gum. Place in large pot

Pick leaves and wash gently.

Plate presentation
bring butter emulsion to a boil. Place the cut Rutabaga in the pot and cook for 1min 30 sec till strips are just cooked and a slight bite. Strain out the butter. While the rutabaga is still in strainer add 2/3 of oregano, stir gently while sprinkling a touch of salt. Seaperate rutabaga in 4 piles and twirl each pile into a round bundle.
Place the bundle in the middle of the plate, add 5 TBSP of the heated pork sauce. Dress the remainder of oregano leaves on eace bundle of rutabaga. Finish with a light sprinkle of salt and drizzle olive oil on the pork sauce.