Wild boar cube steamed with liquorice and orange with Xocoline chocolate and aniseed onion compote

Roberto Carcangiu

For 1 person

For the wild boar
50 g of wild boar sirloin
0.2 g of cloves
0.3 g of powdered liquorice
0.1 g of black peppercorns
0.2 g of fennel seeds
0.1 g of curry
10 g of cocoa butter

For the infusion
150 g of water
2.5 g of orange rind
10 g of liquorice
0.1 g of cloves
0.4 g of star anise
0.6 g of fresh thyme
6 g of salt

For the onion compote
22 g of red onion
1.3 g of cocoa butter
3.5 g of acacia honey
1.3 g of "tondo all’arancia" (cooked must and orange vinegar)
0.6 g of orange rind
0.1 g of chili pepper
0.3 g of fine salt

For the garnish
5 g of Xocoline chocolate with 65% cocoa
0.3 g of orange rind blanched in water and sugar
2 g of Maldon salt
1 piece of aniseed


Cut the meat into 45 g cubes, dust with the spices ground in the mortar, then chill to -3 °C. Pass the cubes of meat on the cocoa butter and sear them on a scorching hot grill.

For the infusion
Place the water, orange rind, star anise, liquorice, cloves, thyme and salt in a vacuum pack, seal and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes at maximum power.

For the compote
Peel the onion and cut it into julienne strips; place it in a colander, sprinkle with salt and leave to macerate for an hour. Squeeze and soften in the cocoa butter. After cooking for 3 minutes, add the honey and the chili and after 7 minutes, add the orange vinegar and orange rind julienne, previously blanched; cook together.

Pour the infusion into a bowl, lay the liquorice sticks used in the infusion over it, place a cube of meat on top, with the Maldon salt, the three half balls of chocolate, the orange rind and a piece of aniseed.

Place everything on the grill at 140 °C, cover with a crystal cloche and steam for 6-8 minutes.

On a ceramic platter, place the meat composition on the right, 16 g of onion compote on the left with a glass of orange infusion.