Alberto Bettini

Da Amerigo

via Marconi, 16
Savigno (Bologna)
T. +39.051.6708326

Amerigo’s trattoria, a few miles away from Bologna, is a great model for a biodiversity restaurant. Just like the Sorana bean or the pera cocomerina (watermelon pear). After decades of globalized cooking, genius loci had its revenge on the hills around Savigno.
Alberto Bettini inherited his cooking basis from his mother and grandmother, who were working as classic chefs at their osteria. He added better quality ingredients and limited technical devices: «because a foreigner who comes here in Savigno must live the unique experience of a tasting menu made with excellent local products».

Alberto is a forerunner. And he passed through a double apprenticeship: as a gourmet himself and as a restaurateur having a hand in food production. «In 1980, when I was in the army I was visiting many restaurant. My mother called me to say she would quit but I said: no! We just need to change ideas. And some suppliers».

In 1997, in spite of an “easy” waiter service, an unexpected Michelin star awarded his restaurant.
Amerigo’s style is focused on the past but made with new raw materials: it’s the product who builds the avant-garde. So much that two university professors quoted his place as the only Italian model for chilometri zero. «It happened the same way I learned to speak: listening to my parents», he says. Eataly is a strategic cross road. As a common customer, the owner Oscar Farinetti took a look at the pantry and said: «Eataly? Here it is».

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